It is not only in the initial hardships that a breastfeeding counselor can help

Do you have abdominal pain in your baby, do you have poop problems or are you gaining weight? In addition to the pediatrician and nurse, one of the biggest support for young moms is lactation counseling, whose expertise in these cases is gold.

From the Czeizel Institute staff, BocskainŠ¹ Irci We have been asked by the IBCLC how we can ask for help.It is not only in the initial hardships that a breastfeeding counselor can help "The first six weeks after giving birth to a baby, you give birth," said Irci Bocskainé IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), a lactation advisor and nursing specialist at the Czeizel Institute. "It's important for the mom to build a relationship of trust with the baby's protector as well, since she will provide advice to newborn babies on arrival. Breastfeeding is a kind of response, and care for your baby can be breastfeeded whenever you want. " "The most important thing is for the baby to regain birth weight by the end of the second week. After childbirth, it loses 7-10%, stagnates a bit, and then starts to fall again. birth weight, "continued the Czeizel Institute, adding that if the baby's development does not bring the desired number in this system, it is worth consulting a specialist. "We need help not only if the baby does not reach birth weight after two weeks, but also when it is difficult to awaken, for example." we can also ask for advice if everything goes well with your baby's development. "Many people turn to us when they start their nutrition and there are people who ask for help in separation, for example, if they want to go back to work," the specialist added, whom we can turn to if you are sorry, the phenomenon does not disappear before one year. In more serious cases, lactation experts refer the family to the gastroenterologist.
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