What do Percentile Garbs Say?

What do Percentile Garbs Say?

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Whether or not your child is developing at the right pace is easy to convince with the help of percentile curves. There is just a little need for data to tell you how much your small growth outweighs the average.

It is important to monitor your baby's development

Percentil Values

The development and growth of infants and children can be tracked and controlled with the help of appropriate tables. Usually everyone remembers (especially the first) childbirth rate, and maybe the length of the child. Head circumference values ​​are more difficult data and very few remember how these values ​​change over the course of each month. However, by measuring and comparing, it is possible to track and verify that infants is developing at an appropriate pace.It is known that the average weight and height of Hungarian infants in each age group. The so-called average height, weight and head volume are calculated from a large number of available data on population. The average currency is different does not mean abnormal valuessince a baby born to three kilos can be just as healthy as a baby born to one and a half kilos, if the family has no predisposition to diabetes, and both have a large, high-growth child. However, significant deviations from the average can be a cautionary sign and the pediatricians and pediatricians should record the average number of points they receive at a given time. A difference of 30-40% only indicates that the infant is large or lean and may have a very long, open or low growth. In the case of head volume, in addition to the birth volume, the monthly growth rate should be monitored. Of course, there are infants who give birth to relatively larger heads, but the value of this should always be decided individually. If the child's values ​​are in the group of only the very small percentage of the population, group, it indicates that the cause of the difference should be examined and the cause of the disease should be ruled out. to monitor in the course of growth and improvement, the values ​​examined and ъn. the percentile charts can continually plot their variation. Significant differences in average currency should be noted. Only percentile values ​​should be measured at all.

Measuring and weighing the weight

Weighing is the simplest. For all births, the initial weight is the initial value, which is no less than the birth weight. It is worth at home on your own balance, preferably dress, diaper without measuring the weight of the baby, because everything shows a little weight. At the same time, we must know that birth weight always falls back in the first week, which the child brings back quickly in the first weeks. As a result, the birth weight is usually lower. The child is weighty digital or analogue, he. or weighing with baby balances.Always at the same time, e.g. before bathing and feeding, it is advisable to measure the naked infant in the evening or before feeding, and of course, to observe the correct temperature of the place (about 23-25 ​​degrees if the infant is naked). Immediately after weighing, weigh a few grams, which is worth taking into consideration the next time.Weight to control the amount of breastfeeding, but not the weight. Prepare the baby once a week. Of course, in the case of weight loss, vomiting or illness, we need to pay more attention to the amount of fluids we ingest and desiccate, and in this case it is worth measuring the baby's weight more often. average weekly 10-15-20-30 dec they can do it, but if you can't make a change for a day or two, you don't have to go to a doctor right away. These fluctuations are hopefully transient and do not affect the normal weight gain of the child in particular.

Measuring length, measuring it

The child is not easy to see for a long time, especially in the infant and in the age of maturity, when he is unable to stand. At this point, try to place the centimeter next to the child lying on the back and gently stretch the toe. Use your hands to mark the top of the diaper on the blanket and then measure the length of the baby.

Revise Infant Length and Weight Ratios

If the coordinate intersection of the size and age of the examined child is between 25 and 75, then it corresponds well to the Hungarian average, which corresponds to a medium pink bar. If the 10th and the 90th percentile fall between, the infant's height and height are appropriate. 80% of the domestic population falls into this area marked by light blue. Jelentхsen consult a physician under Values ​​3.On the 90th and 97th percentile, the child is larger or significantly larger than the Hungarian average. Among these two values ​​is the infant supplement, a Values ​​of 97 were significantly overpoweredwhen it is also worth showing the baby to a specialist.

Measurement and evaluation of head volume

Perhaps a most important in the beginning is head volume measurementAfter a year, the head does not grow so fast. The head volume can be determined by measuring the standard centimeter above the eyes, the upper part of the head at the top of the head, and then on the other side to the top of the head, down to the starting point, down to the starting point Values.In general, the initial head volume is 34-35 cm and increments of 1-1 cm every two weeks. With the correct measure, it is worth showing your child to a specialist for a faster growth rate. Growth is also common between values ​​10 and 90. The vilбgoskйk zуnбban the biztonsбg kedvййrt kцvessьk regular kйthetenkйnti mйrйssel the fejkцrfogat fejlхdйsйt.Amennyiben leaves the gцrbe this hatбrйrtйkeket, or kisfejыsйgrхl nagyfejыsйgrхl beszйlhetьnk, which you have already vizsgбlata йs йrtйkelйse the child-specialist feladata.A koraszьlцttek fejkцrfogata initially faster nцvekedik, imported from around the mйhen belьl missed period. When the right infancy reaches a similar size to the rest of the infant, at most the shape of the head is slightly open. However, this headform is not regular and, as it grows, the headform is usually arranged.

Use of the percentile curve

How do we interpret the percentile curve? 50% (half) of the children born in Hungary develop among the values ​​marked by the pink bar. 90% of the child falls within the range indicated by the light blue color. Based on this, as long as your child's developmental curve falls on pink flesh, it will develop properly. In the light blue zone, we monitor the development with regular measurements for the sake of safety. In the event that you do not have the blue band on the ring, consult your pediatrician.

Reasons for the difference in average currency

There may be a number of reasons for the lack of an average currency. Most of the cases are due to purely structural differences, or the genetic characteristics of parents are such that, at that time, they also differed from the average values, which was later compensated. Additional causes are only worth looking for when these essentials have been ruled out. Failure to develop gravity in the background is mostly a problem of onset or absorption. The nutritionist and pediatrician should consider and check the diet and nutrition intake. This is the simplest form of breastfeeding because you only need to know and count the amount of milk and the frequency of feeding. It is certainly worthwhile to introduce the habit of recording breastfeeding, breastfeeding, urine production, time, and volume.It is also worth having a bigger child to keep track of what diet we are starting to introduce and what amount to start with. (For example, a child may have been treated for 25, 30 or 100 grams of apples, bananas, peaches, plums, watermelon potatoes, rapeseeds, parsley, roasters, malnutrition on a given day.) also the incidence of congestion is disturbed. Some diseases can cause malabsorption, which can lead to slowness and growth in weight or height. because of vitamin D absorption problems or too little intake. It is also possible to have a cure when the stomach is swollen, eg if the body is unable to be digested by the body. The stomach is fatty, but since some vitamins need to be absorbed into the fat, vitamin deficiency can also interfere with growth. Weight and body length increase can also vary in speed, resulting in obesity or excessive lean growth. In each case, measuring and recording the appropriate values ​​will help. In case of any deviation from the percentile curve consult a pediatrician. It is much rarer that the dimensions of the child deviate positively from the average, and here too, predominantly creative qualities prevail.Related articles:
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