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Bracelets, necklaces and nursing cushions

Bracelets, necklaces and nursing cushions

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Three little things that help with breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding bracelet

I looked at my boyfriend, like a whirlwind, when he gave me his most cherished red rubber bracelet ... My friend? He just smiled under his mustache, and I smiled.
And then, when I was three in the morning, and in my dreams, I turned to my other side, but an impatient little speaker thought of it completely, it was a quick and reassuring way to feel the karkцtхt, and instantly start the morning get-up on the right side. I haven't seen it here at home, but it does with any comfortable rubber band, carpane.
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If you're a bracelet, let's see a necklace!

This is a multifunctional example: the baby is calmly a you can take it and talkwhen his teeth come. You can avoid some bite on the wall. Mother's jewelry must be inseparable and unbreakable. Let's get out of this! And what about this for breastfeeding?

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Sometime between seven and eight months old, many babies are fond of twisting their other nipples while breastfeeding one of them. This is the perfect solution for your sucker necklace, which you can make based on the pattern: book your active little hands! The more colorful and interesting you are, the more!

Professional breastfeeding

This cushion was also supported by a friend of mine. I didn't understand because you wanted to fuck it, but he insisted that I believe you will be good to me ... and really good.
The Professional Breastfeeding Pillow has three big tricks:

1. It supports the waist, so you can breastfeed it with virtually any ability.
2. You can attach it to your waist with one buckle and the posture is stable.
3. Layout design is very comfortable, so much easier with proper breast enhancement.
I prayed that I carried my little treasure with me all over my big cula spirit. At home you can find mostly auction sites.
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(Fotуnkon Nagy with Ríka Sbi)