I didn't have a paid doctor, I made myself easy ...

I didn't have a paid doctor, I made myself easy ...

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Kata bridges the gap between ideal birth and currency with humor.

The first impression could not have been
unfavorable because they are always together.

Following an almost imperceptible pregnancy (before most of my studies I only failed with the postpartum deficiency), amniotic fluid began to flow out under one of my owls. Cheerfully (wearing dark skirts and stockings), I kept the ogre at eight in the evening. I called my dad this week and told me in bird language (many in the backyard) that night was going to be a party. I came to Blahra at eight, from where we would return the mother.

I didn't have a paid doctor, I made myself easy ...

Growing up in Chevy Chase movies, he waited until he was sick and could go home to sleep. We had to wake up. We were eleven to St. Stephen's Court, and at first glance, it looked like we were born on the street because we were unable to open the gate. I was just hanging on the door handle between two headgear when he finally parked and said he was not locked. That seemed to be the least.
Anyway, we started from the gate to the three-thousand-meter: the father-in-law was knocking on his fifteen-pound backpack, our two pockets of pockets, and two in each of us. The forced march was accomplished by the fact that after each pair of paws I began to hang on my shoulder and then slid it down to the tip of my neck. We chuckled in the middle, because we couldn't bear it quietly.
I was very pleased at the women's baptism that you had to wake up to the second. No problem, we're learning. The problem with papering was more when I stumbled upon the "mid-nut" (rightfully so). The janitor examined me, saying that I was so full of fingers, and then moved us to a nursery room where there was just enough space for all the bags and the main contributors (mom, dad).
I didn't have a paid doctor, perhaps it is attributable to this and the night that they were left in the most complete goat from the wall to the prospective father, the prospective father from the wall during the plague. Vйgьl more or less the pussies were foundby the time lots of people rushed into the not-crowded room, And ordered to the spine. Although I will not patent or praise my printing technique, I was a small baby born at 1:30 am with 2340 grams and 10 Apgar. As long as I was very tactless, my little father and his father were looking at each other outside. The first impression could not be unfavorable, because they are always together.
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