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10 Things That Can Surprise Newborn Parents

10 Things That Can Surprise Newborn Parents

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Nine months of waiting, lots of articles and books to read, talking to kid-friendly friends - however much we can really prepare for the first period with the baby.

The baby's agenda determines everything

Before your little childhood, you had a very normal rhythm of your life - but it changes in one fell swoop and everything starts to turn around your baby. Newborns may sleep 18 hours a day, but do so in short periods, and sleep, feeding, diapering, rocking, nurturing a little ... Fortunately, it can take a few weeks.

Suddenly you will meet a lot of new acquaintances

Already during pregnancy you may find that strangers pay more attention to you, but a baby is like a "buddy": everyone smiles, asks you, gives advice (whether you like it or not), and your life is all small! This can be confusing, of course, but you can make close friends with other moms and dads.

Your relationship is changing

A new actor gets into your relationship, and this tiny actor wants all your time and attention. You'll have much less time and energy for each other, the dynamics of the relationship will change, and you may have forgotten to talk. It is not easy to get involved in the role of a mother and a father, and this can be a serious challenge. Try to have the opportunity to be alone and deal only with the other!

End of a peaceful night

There is no trick-or-treat that can help a newbie consolate his night: he will almost certainly wake up, at least once, but many times over. You might be lucky and it won't take too long, but it may also be years before you spend the night again. Try to relax as much as you can during the day - housework is worth it.There are some that are not written in the specialist books

You will make a smile on Blland

Babies find human faces extremely attractive, and they are very interesting - later funny - when you smile, refresh your face, stretch out your tongue, or make working sounds. You may feel a little silly about grimacing, but reassure yourself that you are contributing to your baby's development as well!

You may need help

A baby is a tremendous baby, but it is also a huge responsibility and a lot of work! Although you can try to do it all alone, it can mean a lot if someone helps you! Don't ask for help! It may be too early for someone to take the burden of cooking off your shoulder or just take a little baby while you shower and read a few pages.

It's normal that you have a sense of guilt

It is quite normal for you sometimes to seek after your previous life, or if you are unable to enjoy every single minute of your life. You're not alone with this!

You're going to make a mistake

In a perfect world, perfect parents may never make any mistakes and only make good decisions, but the currency is a bit different. A rule worth noting: do what works for you.

There is truly all-embracing parental love

There are those who feel the first few moments of childbirth, and some who develop the unprecedented, overwhelming love that your child feels for her.

You learn to let go of things

Being born is a constant change. Not only do you have to let go of your expectations, but you also have to see your baby grow, develop, learn from day to day - and of course, what has worked so far is something you have to check from time to time. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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