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They are less and less sick, with frequent mood swings, and a complete transformation of the body and souls. There are many factors that significantly change the quality of life that pregnancy is not easy to contend with for nine months.

Wait for the game

Celebrating some good counsel will help us stay in shape and enjoy the most wonderful and humane period of our lives.

Good nutrition

The pregnant mother healthy eating is especially important. However, waking up frequently after waking up sometimes makes you want to come to the table and have breakfast. To relieve the discomfort, it is advisable to drink a few sips before getting up. Let's make breakfast in a solid meal. A little fruit, a slice of ham, no bread or butter, some spoonfuls of muesli and the sun can start. We can have a cool cup of tea or tea, or a refreshing fibrous fruit juice, when you are delighted.

Backpack instead of shoulder bag

The changed status is thoroughly used by the backbone. Wearing a trendy (usually well-folded) bag that you can hang on will increase the burden on your back. It is healthier to use a balanced weight distribution and to use backpacks that support proper posture.

The advantages of rubber stockings

During pregnancy, especially in warmer times, it is recommended to prevent recurrence wearing rubber garters. To choose the right size, measure the ankle, foot and thigh circumference. These parts of our feet are the most prone to feedback.

Massage the foot

In the pregnant mother, the hormones that cause weakness and insolation of the foot are produced. The sole can be prevented if we massage it every night middle part of foot and sole. The operation helps to strengthen the correct soles of the sole.

Let's exercise a little

Abdominal depression adversely affects the straight posture of the spine. There is a simple exercise to correct incorrect posture. Let's bend our legs lightly over the back several times so that our muscles are stretched. Raise each of our arms as if we wanted to touch the ceiling. Exercise tightly for the last two months of your pregnancy to avoid excessive muscle tension.

Checking daily

Ideal, ha check our body weight every day, possibly before breakfast. In fact, the lower amount of liquid injected into the body changes the certified measurement result. Weight gain in the first few months is minimal, as with the exception of the breast, the rest of the body does not change. From the fifth month onwards, the daily fall is usually 250-400 grams. If you notice excessive weight gain, change your diet and ask your doctor.

The role of the gut muscle

Gum muscles play a particularly important role. We perform light tension and canopy exercises every day. It helps with urine retention, because more than usual stimuli on our lives can make our lives frustrating and may have consequences. The tightness and elasticity of the bodies around the barrier can be maintained by light drops we apply natural oil to our skin.

Consume more vitamin B9

Folic acid is extremely rich in vitamin B9, and can help prevent anemia and premature birth. Salad, melon, avocado, and pork liver all contain a lot of vitamin B9.

Special dental care

The importance of regular dental care may not need to be emphasized. However, the appearance of some previously unrecognizable symptoms requires special dental care during pregnancy. Toothache, tooth sensitivity to cold and heat are more common. Use a toothpaste containing a soft bristle, a flexible toothbrush and anti-inflammatory lotion. It is recommended to use rinsing fluids rich in fluorine and non-lipofibre.

The comfortable white

A ruthless, tight bra can make our lives harder. It is doubly important for pregnant women that this garment should always provide comfort. Excessive tightness of the breast can also cause cellulite and permanent lumps. By adjusting the shoulder, we can improve comfort. It is also not good if your bra is one size larger than the correct size, because it does not ensure proper breast support. If necessary, change the bedding several times a day. Sometimes, one or two drops of urine are irrelevant to the whites, and there is a slight sensation of the skin, with the exception of a nasty smell.

Fresh air and tranquility

Stay out in the open air, but avoid a strong day. The publishing lane, the compass, the regular exercise at least as important as relaxation, tranquility And avoiding conflict situations.

Relationship with the baby

Let's write to our baby, talk to him gently, tell him about the future. It is good if Daddy caresses our tummy and tells the baby how much they are looking forward to the game and how happy they are. Now, you know, threesome.
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