Want to run? Here are 15 tips from our experts for mothers

Want to run? Here are 15 tips from our experts for mothers

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"It couldn't work," I thought, after I first wore running shoes after my second child was born.

"I ran the half marathon 10 years ago, how is my body going to work after all this time?" I asked myself. But before I gave up, I said, "just give it a try. Put one of your feet in front of the other, and we'll find it." Most beginners will give up soon, but only because they do not know exactly what to do to succeed. Here are 15 tips you will find useful for you too! 1. Buy some running shoes!
Your good running shoes may be expensive, but believe me, this investment is worth it.

Don't run without your running shoes!

2. Wear a comfortable bra!
Choose a good quality sports bra that will protect your breasts while running.3. If you are a young mom, get a trolley.
Never run with a traditional stroller, it is heavy and dangerous too.4. One of the biggest problems is to devote time to running.
It's best to run early in the morning when your whole family is asleep. Prepare your running set before bedtime, no excuses!5. Slowly and gradually.
Just increase your performance gradually, you don't have to start a marathon.6. Warm up and loosen on the end!
Walk 3-5 minutes before running to warm up your body and walk 3-5 minutes after running to allow your body time to cool down.7. Take a break!
Of course, do not stop, but walk. If you start running now, run for a minute and then walk for half a minute. You can continuously increase your running minutes to 5 minutes, but keep the 30 second breaks.8. Draw Borders!
When I started running, I always said to myself, "I run to the point, I walk." Mailboxes, flags, houses - this fix point can be anything.9. In nature it is harder to run than on a treadmill.
Nature is never as monotonous as a treadmill: there are hills, slopes. If you are choosing a treadmill, you can sometimes adjust the settings.10. Also try mixing your training types.
First, cross the terrain, then do 25 squats, 25 squats, 25 rounds. Then repeat.11. Have a rest day!
If possible, do not run for 2 consecutive days, include strength days in the gym, or have a rest day in between.12. Run a training diary!
You can download great apps on your smartphone to help you track your results.13. Eat, but don't slave!
Many people make the mistake of believing that when they run, they can eat as much as they can. That's not the case. Believe me, you don't need as many meals as you think. With a 1 km run you can shoot 70-100 calories.14. If you are running in the morning, have a hazelnut butter breakfast.
Never start running full belly, but of course you need all the energy to move in the morning. If you are running short, try to shape the day so that you do not have an hour before running.15. Target a certain distance!
Among the first plans of many runners is the completion of the 5 km distance. Even if you have this goal, you will have something that motivates you. If you become more experienced, you can extend this distance to 10 km.If you follow the 15 tips of the experts above, you will find yourself rewarding your past reward!More articles for running moms: