Parenting: Vaszary Kolos Kourbz

The county town of Komarom-Esztergom County is not a center of gravity, and its advantages are probably derived from this. No big deal, no rush. (Let's look at April 2009 status.)

dr. Berbik Istvбn
Photograph: Melyvnz

However, Dr. Berbik István, chief medical officer, slightly cools our enthusiasm.
- No, but I have to say, we are only born to babies who will give birth to a baby with great currency. If you are expecting a baby, your baby may be delivered to a birth center with a perinatal intensive care center because we try to get the baby to her mother's place.
It also depends on the lack of availability that we have a very high proportion of cuttings. Under supervision, only one obstetrician, one pediatrician, one anesthesiologist, one nurse can work in the entire hospital. Care must be taken to prevent multiple urgent operations occurring at night. Therefore, we are reluctant to avoid the risky, rotten fuss. We have problems during the day, too few pediatricians, even one or two would be enough in childbirth. There is no risk that a baby who is dying after death will be born, who will require a resuscitation, intensive care, and be immediately transported to another hospital for intensive care.
To avoid this, a physician with an arbitrary decision-making boundary is often more reluctant to live with a cesarean section. Anyway, we do not do dressing on order. Lightweight consolation that our surgical technique is very good: minimal sharp incision, more blunt finish, low and absorbable seam. It may sound strange, but in addition to the quick recovery of old women, it also means that we also do some sewing.

The living rooms are bulky and bright
Photograph: Melyvnz

The birth of Vaszary Kolos Kurhazz was one of the first in the country to receive the baby-friendly title, which is not by chance. Berbik's chief physician - a part of the gourmand profession - was beginning to woo the Baby Friendly movement in Hungary. Since then, the principles must be strictly adhered to. There are 24 male rooming in the class, and there are none, the babies are always with their mothers. If they wish to breastfeed, their mothers will be assisted by regular breastfeeding counselors.
"In our class, the mother and baby together release the hormone of happiness," says the chief physician. - Minimizing the use of hypnotics, antipyretics, antibiotics. No mammary inflammation, wounds heal without problems. No salivary gland, herpes, neonatal sepsis. Most recently, each spa has its own bathroom, and the idea and support of Mayor Tamgy Cherry has created a family-friendly family room where you can have a baby, a mom, and a dad.Facts, figures
  • The annual number of births was 850 in 2008, a slight increase.
  • Today not only the inhabitants of the Danube Bend choose the Esztergom district, but many people come from across the Danube, Felvidék and Párbabul.
  • The proportion of cuttings is 40 percent.
  • Two single beds in a well-equipped nursing home with their couple.
  • It is not compulsory for a candidate to be born.
  • If the conditions allow, they are helping the babies out in the world.