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The mother and the cells of the fetus communicate in this way

The mother and the cells of the fetus communicate in this way

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According to researchers, this communication system could help to monitor the condition of the fetus in utero.

The mother and the fetus are bound by nothing, and there is an intimate relationship between the nine months of pregnancy. So it is perfectly acceptable for there to be some kind of communication between mother and fetus, there is a common, personal language.The mother and the cells of the fetus communicate in this way Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Department (UTMB) dealt with maternal-fetal communication, and how the pregnant mother's cells communicate with the fetus. The results are expected to develop a non-invasive method in the future to monitor the uterus's condition. According to the study, during pregnancy maternal and fetal cells are constantly communicating with each other thanks to the small structures called the exosome.As a result of previous research today, we know that the fetus exosome indicates to the mother that the fetus has fully matured, to learn more about the scale of this communication system in order to develop new methods for fetal monitoring and support within, "he said. Ramkumar Menon, an associate professor at UTMB.Mouse experiments were conducted in the research. In order to differentiate between fetal and maternal exosomes, certain exosome white mice were stained with fluorescent red and green. In the course of the research, during the isolation and monitoring of exosomes it was found that maternal-fetal communication indicates the health and development of the fetus, that is, the fetus communicates to the mother. Measuring this, for example, would enable early births to be prevented in the future. It is hoped that their cellular communication observations will lead to a breakthrough that promotes maternal and fetal health (via
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