9 reasons why I don't rape a child for sharing

9 reasons why I don't rape a child for sharing

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Imagine the following scene: As you sit down in your favorite coffee shop, you open your laptop. A stranger comes over to you and says, hey, now let me use it. By the time you are: um, no, this is my ЙN laptop. To this, the stranger says, "That's not fair!" Come on!

9 reasons why I don't rape a child for sharing

After that, the alien man goes and complains to the waiter. The waiter comes to you and tells you that you have enough time for a laptop; Then he takes your laptop away from you. Well, really, our kids can feel exactly how to encourage them to share something. Here are 9 reasons I won't encourage my child to share: 1. If my child is immersed in something, it is best to leave everyone scared. I meant that if you were just starting a birthday, I wouldn't take away your permission. The kid's just gonna goggle. If you need help, you will give birth.2. You're reading a book, you're just holding out the part when it comes to finding out who the killer is, and at this very moment someone comes up to you, grabs the book, and throws it out the window. Inability to indulge in something or concentrate on something when there is a constant uncertainty that someone may be disturbed by it. Uh, wait! Because I'm a mom, it happens to me every time. OK, my mental state is getting clearer.3. I'm not going to be the one to take away my daughter when she's doing something really tall. That is the very best of his. Strange. Sharing is strange. Do we share an adult? Do we share the car? On our heads 5. I don't want to be fair! Unlike public transport, life is not fair! And it never will be. Good luck, folks. Yeah, that kid has been using that game for longer than you. I know this is rude, but I think you'll survive.6. Selection, Selection, and Selection. A big part of my parenting is teaching my kids that they always have the freedom to choose. Their choice and its consequences. I'm not going to contradict that, after you decide which baby you want to play with, I take it away from the fact that there is another baby in the line now.7. Hatбrok. It is very important in the Skills of Life to be able to say no. Yeah, unless you are out to taste the broccoli or take off your pants.8. They are still expected to work together. And also to be a member of society. I'm absolutely sure.9. That is perhaps why they are looking for a better person. It is possible that if kids learn that not all of them can be the moment they want, they will become better people when they grow up. Someone who won't be upset with all the little provocations or just because they don't agree with a blog post won't start trolling them in the comment. That's just saying ... Forrбs: scarymommy.com


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