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Second time breastfeeding succeeded!

I have two wonderful children. Not all of them are beautiful to remember, but breastfeeding has developed differently, says our reader.

Zsombor was born on January 22, 2008, started milk properly, but she did not want to breastfeed on her lazy baby, she got tired a little, and slept a lot at the same time, although I did not get enough help in the hospital.
One of the nurses tried to show the right breast, so he pushed the baby's head down. Although my defense provided me with tips, I tried tea, homeopathic berries, but since I had to start adding nutrition, so it was not coming back, and slowly began to lose my milk, and on the third month I was given up.
I know today that it shouldn't have happened that way. I was really guilty, I blamed myself, I had a remorse, since I realized my mistakes, he was doing such little things ...
Then in summer 2010 it turned out that I'm waiting for a new baby. He filled me with joy, and the hope that he will succeed now, succeed! I collected advice on the topic, reviewed several Pregnant Magazines, and wrote down important information for myself.
On April 8, 2011, our baby, Kince, was born and the miracle of miracles did not have to be administered, she was suckling for a couple of minutes after she was born, and did not want to let go. As soon as I could, I went to the newborn class, and from there, we were inseparable.
I drank a lot of fluids, ate properly, rested if I could (although this did not always come with a three-year-old tessu). For the sake of safety, I also made a good quality hand breast, and as a result I was able to put a good amount of milk in the freezer. I know it is superfluous to milk, but I am reassured that if I have anything to do and have to leave home, I still get breast milk. Although the baby received the baby bottle, which caused some confusion, but we finally left the bottle and even spit out the pacifier.
We also passed the breaststroke when she was breastfeeding at night, but during the day she only accepted skimmed milk, or once I really had chest inflammation, shivering, feeling cold, sucking.

The breast can do good at the beginning of breastfeeding or during breastfeeding

As he got more and more teeth, he was bitten a few times, but my nipple repaired within a week or two. However, all this is different from being able to breastfeed on a daily basis until the age of six, and even now, it is still enthusiastic to breastfeed, every year as well as almost everything.
The most striking thing was when she was watchful every single breastfeeding day, and she was so beautiful, she looked at her eyes, and she caressed my hand, but she didn't care either way. .
There is no proper indication of how sensitive our baby is, and we, as mothers, are able to feed our bodies, we see growth, a smiled smile, and just as he shuddered at the fun, then a drop of milk from the corners of his mouth…
Balogh Mуnika, Budapest
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