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Will the cup dolls be dozens?

Children who come to the world not through the parent canal but with cesarean section will be twice as likely to be pregnant - American experts said.

According to researchers at Boston Children's Hospital of Massachusetts, cesarean delivery can have a significant impact on the baby's bacteria, which influence the way food is digested. The Archives of Disease in Childhood Study published in magazines between 1255 mothers and children between 1999 and 2002.

Chubby mammoth baby chubby, then chubby kid?

Pregnant women joined the exam before the 22nd week of pregnancy. Specialists have measured the length and weight of children at birth and after three years. According to the results a children born with cesarean section twice as much fury as they reached the age of three - read the study on the BBC British public service content website.
Among the pregnant women who participated in the study, she gave birth to the baby with about one in four cesarean sections, while the rest of the baby was born via the vagina. The researchers found a correlation between body weight, skin thickness and the baby's birth method. Professionals have also shown that their children mother with cesarean section they had a higher body weight than their counterparts born in the traditional way. This is one of the factors that has been found to affect childhood obesity. Researchers therefore advise a pregnant mother contemplating cesarean section in order to take into account the risk of lower children.
In the United Kingdom, a baby mother gives birth to a baby with more than 23 percent by cesarean section. "This is a very interesting, but small study," said Patrick O'Brien, a tutor at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Britain. - Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to repeat it in a more comprehensive form.