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Two special program tips

Are you curious about the most exciting newcomers? Or do you want to try something new for the little ones? Now we both have a must-have tip!

Everything that is kid!

Unique games and exciting activities are waiting for those interested in the Project Showroom, which will debut and launch on October 11th and 14th, 2012 with the Children's Pop Up Shop.
The extraordinary event features the widest spectrum of creatives in the subject of children - exclusively Hungarian designers and manufacturers - so far. Introducing over 60 quality brands: baby clothes, carry, swings, developer toys, socks, handkerchiefs, dolls, books, smaller bigger kids' room accessories and many other great things for the little ones as well! While the moms look, the organizers have fun programs for the little ones.
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Snipe - a special club for young and old

Anyone who has met Boris Rutkai has certainly spoken it out. Now, having a gymnasium, he has set up a special club where little ones and their parents can enjoy themselves and get off with a variety of creative activities.
Not only children can create in the workshop, but also moms and grandmothers.
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