You will be required to have a bend in Germany

You will be required to have a bend in Germany

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Mandatory rendition of children for children in Germany, the law passed this Thursday by the Parliament of Parliament.

Become obligatory in bending in Germany (photo: iStock)According to the legislation voted to submit the government March 2020 One of the conditions for attending toddlers in kindergarten is to have a certificate of turn-in. Non-protected children can be excluded from all schools, including private ones. That's why we use the money tool against us under the new law 2500 euros ($ 825,000) can cost you a failure to file a vaccine. Obligation can only be obtained on medical grounds for medical reasons.Jens Spahn In the pre-vote debate, the Ministry of Health stressed that the bend was a harmless disease and that there was no need for protection. A bend is a highly infectious disease, whether it can cause lung or brain damage, but the combination vaccine developed against it also protects against mumps and rubella - your ministry said: vaccinations are contrary to human rights, the "right to rubble" is unthinkable, and it is untenable that Germany is failing in its international fight against infectious diseases.
For the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), the Coalition has highlighted that Sabine Dittmar has highlighted the fact that German public information is aimed at persuading parents to have children. This is irresponsibility, which the law cannot look like, he said. The government's backing was also supported by opposition factions other than the Alternative Germany (AfD). Detlev Spangenberg, to the right of the CDU and his Bavarian counterpart, CSU, pointed out that, while AfD, being a victim is a good tool, but it is a good thing to do. Things to do for adults and immigrants - the AfD spokesperson said. all doses, that is, they were completely protected against the disease. The government says this is inadequate, with the least amount of bending down A 95 percent so-called vaccination rate is required.The Bundestag's ruling on the vaccination obligation in Germany has been the subject of dispute over decades. So far, decision-makers are not in the introduction of commitment, but in the promotion of social inclusion, health care, doctors, schools, schools and families.
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