6 sex boots to help you get pregnant - according to women's boobs

6 sex boots to help you get pregnant - according to women's boobs

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Theoretically, you can get pregnant in any position, but there are some poses that can help you succeed even more.

6 sex boots to help you get pregnant - according to women's boobsMany people are skeptical about this, as relatively little scientific research has shown that certain sex positives make pregnancy easier, while there are some women who think that this is both logical and possible. it is possible to write it down. Here's 6 that you can add to your bedroom repertoire as you have nothing to lose!

1. Missionary

Of all the positions, "the missionary has the best conception," he says. Dr. Scott Roseff florida endocrinolgus. What is the reason for this? In addition to the potential for deeper penetration, Dr. Roseff says that in this posture, the upper part of the vagina and cervix can be straightened so that the sperm can lick for a long time after ejaculation. This in turn multiplies the chance of being targeted. To pick the best angle, place a cushion under your hips so that your pelvis is sufficiently raised. After the magma breaks, your pair will remain in you for a few minutes. And you should lie on your back for at least 15-20 minutes before getting up.

2. Doggy

"Many people like this positivity because a man can go all that far. Any posture that is possible is also ideal for conception," he says. dr. Jennifer Landa nхgyуgyбsz.

3. Feet on the shoulder

It is quite obvious that gravity plays an important role when it comes to getting pregnant. Dr. Landa also recommends this slightly altered missionary pose when the woman lies on her back and puts her feet on her shoulder. "In this situation, due to gravity, the sperm will mature into the egg more quickly so that it can become fertile."

4. Turned cowgirl

Knight lump with a little twist: Turn it so that it looks over your paw's legs. "In this posture, you can take control, control the depth of penetration, and increase the chance of sperm being targeted," Dr. Landa advises.

5. Wheelbarrow

Not the easiest show, but baby stuff. Lie down on your recumbent, your paw lifting your hips, and you lock your waist with your toe. "This post is very advantageous because of the depth of the penetration, just like the dog post," explains Dr. Landa.

6. Lying ollou

Lie down against each other and unlock your legs. "In addition to producing a very romantic tussle and guaranteed happiness hormones in this position - which is not to be compromised - it also allows for very effective penetration." (Via)
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