Breastfeeding: There's nothing more natural!

It is important for everyone to understand that a publicly breastfeeding baby-mom couple is functioning emotionally, biologically, ideologically. So we see it, so we put it next to us.


The main problem with breastfeeding is that it is something that society is overwhelmed with. You are quite right, on the one hand, because one of the most wonderful things that can happen between a mother and her child. It is a miracle that the mother feeds her baby with her own milk. Breast milk is the best nutrition for the baby, at the best temperature, always in quantity and quality, and in composition - at a cost. This is well known in the "newsletter": if, for example, a news reporter asked a question to this effect, the above facts would appear in some or all of the answers. Why can hбt is that the nyilvбnos szoptatбs mбsfelхl mйgis affйle vцrцs posztу that the Hearing mйg anyukбk with children kйpesek magukbуl hatch, йs nyomdafestйket not tыrх mуdon him fall szoptatу sorstбrsaiknak? Talбn because they do not tudjбk igazбn to have a baby that mыkцdik. Either because we have no children, or because we were very young in our household, or because our own children are guided by other principles and beliefs in their time. I probably wouldn't know that if the baby gets hungry, it won't stay on the stone. Then there is nothing to reassure me: neither the ticking of Bogyy and Babu, downloaded on the mobile, the ticking of "My little garden," the tickling, the desperate rocking, the returning of the pacifier to the mouth. And the advice and rebuttals of many baby-mom pairs that are punctured in the midst of transfiguration when other breastfeeding mothers are in the center of attention.

"I could always count when he would be hungry"

You're lucky. The mothers of children who are fed on demand do not. If the baby signals, he will be fed. Don't let me cry because we know they are good and we know that With 5-10 minutes of breastfeeding, another 1-2-3 urns are awake together, itching follows. We know that breast milk soothes, relaxes, quenches thirst and hunger at the same time, has a thousand functions and is the best answer for this thousand needs. babies are taught a part to feed their eagle accuracy (they are the ones who eat three and then eat), but babies who are breastfed on demand will be given at home, even when they are home. This no hippies, no motherhood: the child's signs, needs, instincts and natural maternal answersbehavior that ignores Western society's often-irresponsible, baby-biased, behavioral requirements. We aren't always hungry at 7, 11, 15, 19, thirsting.

"Why don't you decipher it and give it to baby bottles?"

Why should breast milk be sterile at the right temperature at any time? Do you need to wash it, do you need to remove your breast, disinfect it, store the milk under appropriate conditions until it is fed, and then heat it up? In addition, many moms consciously - and knowing the baby's operation correctly - do not use pacifiers because they do not need it, and they know that using it can make their baby cum-dying, which also undermines breastfeeding success. At the societal level that breastfeed longer, but only by the age of half, as recommended by the WHO? Alternatively, let's make sure that a given mother can milk even if she knows she'll have to work out of the house. And if you do not know, because you are unexpectedly affected? And what if the child does not accept the skimmed milk even though he is the biggest supporter? Because they look like that, not one. And it's completely normal.

"Why don't you give me formula?"

If you have milk, wasting money on the diet, and the fresh and available breastmilk yolks listed above are also correct here. Breastfeeding Biology, Physiology, Related Information: If omitting one breastfeeding milk can reduce milk production, because it does not stimulate the breast. However, a demand supply it produces as much breast milk as the baby needs. It is not worthwhile to ruin such a well-established system of breast milk with such efforts. If a mother says no to dietary suppression in favor of public breastfeeding, this is also a relevant explanation.

"Why does it move when you are breastfeeding? Why don't you urge your baby for another?"

Why should you stay at home, wedged between the walls during your childhood 1-2-3 years? By its very nature, being a baby is a reason why society wants to deprive them of their full life, go to the dining room, go out to coffee, buy something, and for the most part, It is also important to draw attention to the baby page: if mom is enjoying herself, then baby will be enjoying herself.As for help: not everyone is given the chance to have a helping hand in a baby's life, like in a grandparent's picture. Moving on, there are people who do not want to have another child. Because in a child's absence, it is just crying and desperate, or because you know and feel motherly, the first one or two years is worth giving your baby the closeness, presence, to the foundation of the little world.

"Why don't you breastfeed in the toilet or outdoors?"

Whatever else you like to eat sandwiches or meals in the restroom. Or, if you do, waking up with a lousy baby in a crazy inconvenient line in front of the toilet, moving upstairs for the sake of space is much more stressful than letting go of the first bench to silence the second. Unfortunately, there are always too few baby-friendly shops and baby-mummies in the shopping centers. Experience is that bitter couples are often used for intimate blacks who suspect there is not much traffic, but lack of purity is the greatest deterrent. For anyone who opposes public breastfeeding, we recommend a headgear between discarded condoms in dirty, runny holes that are supposed to be breastfeeding.

"Why don't you cover yourself?"

If breastfeeding is considered to be the best and most natural thing in the world, it is a contradiction to expect a mother to do all this under cover. However, we often find that hiding here or there, they throw the same stumble upon their motheras if he had done all this with exposed breasts. It is also worth noting the causes of uncoveredness, and not the only reason that can cause it. A breastfeeding mom doesn't hide herself because ... - There is nothingto do this. She forgot that she had missed the shawls when the child (ren) was pairing. Or she put it together, but she had to catch that pelus for a different purpose before breastfeeding (dirty, used, not fit for what she would have on public breastfeeding). Because he was covering himself in vain, your child does not realize that if you can suckle all your maca at home, now you have to suddenly do all this under a veil, drooling at 30 degrees (= the child flushes it off, and Mom gives up and takes it off). a casino or pool can be sold / can be advertise with boobs, then a child should be fed under a shroud.- Do not think that if in a sheltered place, discreetly, turning away All this, requires the process to still cover.

We shouldn't argue with this ...

… If all offices, shops, shops, swimming pools, markets, museums, bankers, etc., were unambiguous today. when designing, when giving, that it is worth thinking about motherhood and their children. If you could leave everywhere in a discreet, cozy, healthy way and take care of your little ones, you might want to move however, this seems to be a far cry from the ideal world, let's get acquainted with breastfeeding: see everyone, what a nature wonder, which is finally becoming more and more trendy in the age of young children who are raising a child. Among those who overcome the myths, social idols, do it all on the playground bench, near the center of the revenue center, or at the big school concert. Because there really is nothing more natural.And whoever is bothered by all this, we can serve a tip: if you see a mother who is breastfeeding her closest child, turn her head gently and smile, And your baby can live a full life.These are also linked to breastfeeding:
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