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Dad: Cool or turning on

Nowadays you do not need to be educated according to Prussian textbooks, you can rely on your senses, your baby's signs. But what does the other person say to this, the father?

The sharpest criticism of those who oppose educated parents is the family. The man who quasi forgot his wife. After all, he spends every minute with his child, takes him to bed at night, gives him a breast, carries him in his arms. The dark news comes from the end of the marriage, the estranged relationship, and the happiness of the other looking for happiness.
When you hear such stories, many are uncertain. Let's reconsider carrying, breastfeeding, baby feeding. In a good case, the male is also heard. And it turns out that she's happy to carry the baby, that she doesn't have to listen to the night of the night, and that she feels like she's sniffing at the baby.

I think we're coming here

In anticipation of the birth of her first child, she had just entered the Ervin Sabab Library to take care of child-rearing and babysitting. In the library, he realized that there was hardly any adjustment between so many volumes, books, methods.
- Finally, the man relies on his instincts. That he doesn't want advice, he doesn't want to be too strict, he doesn't want to talk ... and then he goes to the office they are coming to. Hannah and I agreed that the most important thing was the child. Their needs, their needs, count. This is how we got to Gerby Bghi, and through it to Judith Szydy (Newspaper, psychologist of our paper), home birth and education of knitters. Because our baby was a dude, he was born in a townhouse, but that's the only thing that didn't turn out the way we planned. Minrmin has been sleeping with us from the beginning. We don't have a kid's room, let's say we don't have a very big room. If we were to move into a new home, we would probably have installed a little corner for it, but we wouldn't have needed it so far. In fact, she didn't even think about staying with us and having her at night. The most comfortable solution is if your baby is breastfeeding - and why not breastfeed? - since it is easy to fall back asleep and the nights are calmer. When Brmin was born, I was home until three months ago. It was natural for me to take part in everything and not just the evening baths or the duluth walk. From the very first moment, I knit myself in the carrying and we moved like this, so to be precise, we still move like this. And what not to say, I get many appreciative looks from other moms who are envious of the way the child is approaching me.
I never questioned our decisions. I know, I feel like we're coming here, so the critics, the malicious comments, can't stop them. We didn't call the first pediatrician - who simply told us that we were asleep in our sleep.
Hanna has more problems with other people's comments, and I usually do this. Our decision, our life. Supportive community is also important, like-minded families, friends. But it's also a fact that I couldn't even imagine raising my child according to a point-based rule system. Then eat, then sleep. Give me that much. The good thing about our method is that it can be tailored to the body - the child, our family. And I think that's why everything works.

There are no preset rules

"Customization is one of the key phrases in double education," confirms Eszter Schneiderné Diúszegi, a psychologist, the mother of a child. - You can't apply it dogmatically, because that's when the fire gets lost.
- Ideally, when a couple - like Boppers - decide during pregnancy how they want to raise their baby. But the majority is uncertain, and men can't even imagine what life with a baby will look like. There would be two things you wouldn't want to be prepared for. For example, I would advise men to help their husbands tune in completely to their baby. Don't feel excluded, try to understand that there is a physiological change in women that they need to get used to. For whom it is easier, for whom it is more difficult to have physical, emotional difficulty, and it is very important what kind of support a woman gets from her.
From the male point of view, it may seem like a good idea for a tired, skinned wife to say "we're missing out on a weekend together," the truth is that a mother's heart will not stay at home with the child, not in any of her. Harmony is usually brought about by getting the mother-child paired up first, and also involving the abbot in this pair.
Because what a great thing it is to strap on a baby and feel the heartbeat on the street! Take part in the care, make it a small community.