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The Babales program for incubator babies has been launched

The Babales program for incubator babies has been launched

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Magyarorszбgon elsхkйnt indнtotta the inkubбtoros csecsemхket йs csalбdjukat online цsszekцtх Babales program of Buda St. Jбnos Kуrhбz. The service is free of charge.

Preterm baby in the prenatal class of St. John the Baptist in Buda. Photo: Balogh Zoltбn / MTIThe head physician of the institution's children's department, Madarasi Anna announces Wednesday that its Babales program for incubator babies has been launched: an anonymous incubator has been placed within the program - the first in Bud. the incubator is equipped with a camera whose image can be accessed via the Internet at the time agreed with the parents. Premature babies born with low weight often spend months in the hospital, and it is a great challenge for families to keep up with the children in the hospital.Anonymous incubator next to the entrance of the St. John of Kourrhaz in the capital Photo: Zoltán Balogh / MTI To alleviate this difficult situation, the April Foundation and the Babysitter Program have helped co-operate with the Foundation.Tory Verathe chief medical officer of the hospital's Early Childbirth Division, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Segment Fast Foundation, has spoken out of disagreement with other countries the service is free. He also pointed out that an anonymous incubator had been created on one of the side entrance of the hospital, with a level camera placed there so that the neighbors would be able to continuously see and immediately place the newborn baby there.Winkler Gbbor, the hospital's chief medical officer emphasized, the Babales program is unique in the country, and the hospital has a special focus on family and children.Gorbbor Winkler, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of St. John's Church in Buda, speaks next to Anna Madarasi, Chief Medical Officer of the Children's Hospital of the Hospital Photo: Zoltán Balogh / MTI Mezei Mбrk, a spokesman for the Babales Project Construction Agency, said the construction took one year and then a year-long test run. The implementation was difficult because they had to find a camera that could be sterilized and a case that was secure, and a closed system had to be created, he added.
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