That's how much your insanity is

Currently in Hungary only 17 percent of the hungarian age group has access to places, and out of the 3,200 settlements only 700 places are available.

This is how much your seedbed costs (photo by iStock)According to the CSO, there are currently 270,000 children under the age of 3 in the country, with only 17 percent of the population in Bohemia. The government is trying to help the situation with the expansion of the Bohemia bays. Only the local governments of Pest County can apply for the 2.5 billion HUF funding for the bailout in Budapest, but it is also possible to apply for support in the capital. Of course, this does not mean that everyone will have a seat immediately. It is no exaggeration that today it is worthwhile to introduce a child, but it is definitely desirable to list even unborn children. .On average, the base fee rarely exceeds 60 thousand HUF, but in the capital there is ample insider's asking for more than 100 thousand HUF. The typical average price is a monthly fee of 45-55 thousand HUF plus a daily cost of 650-800 HUF. Support of 40 thousand HUF. On the other hand, in Budapest, it is good if the costs are upfront. Pnnzcentrum adds that according to the Central Statistical Office, Budapest and the agglomeration have the largest number of places in the country (42% in the country); . The difference between rural and city classes is also significant.
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