He only ate to give birth to his son

He only ate to give birth to his son

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How long can a mother go to give birth to her son? It seems like anything.

A 36-year-old Chinese woman replaced all three of her daily meals with herbs and algae to give birth to a baby boy after her second pregnancy. Liu read in an internet forum that if you follow this unusual diet, you will almost certainly give birth to your son. After two weeks, however, he didn't even begin to feel himself, constantly feeling sweaty and discomfort.Fortunately, Aggoud's husband took her to a hospital where hyperthyroidism was diagnosed, her thyroid almost ceased to serve. As a local doctor told a local newspaper in a report, the genus is very rich in iodides, so excessive consumption of these can lead to autoimmune diseases. Fortunately, however, it has been a good time to prevent it from becoming more serious, and after that you will probably think twice about what you believe.- VIA -