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Christmas for kids: The Round Tale is published

The second DVD + CD edition of KerekMese has been released, with lots of nice, fun, and playful, skill-building videos and songs.

The founder of the Roundtable, Munnika Vass, is a story and illustrator who has illustrated numerous Hungarian and international children's books since 2008. In Hungary, the Most Famous Children's Songs series is the most well-known work.Most of this activity filled his days, but when his little boy loved and learned English on Youtube English children's videos. Then they decided with their boyfriend, László Spring, to do something in Hungarian that would help children learn to play not only the alphabet, but also the children's songs and the colors, months, numbers, shapes, or just the chocolate consumption). That's when we started to make tales, interactive storybooks, children's music videos, sayings, educational materials on the Internet, in electronic form and for free.

The songs are always accompanied by a video clip / animation that presents the world in a cartoon style: lovable, cute characters, weekday, and so on. A small part of Round Tale songs and videos is processed during the day (such as Boci Boci multicolored), the other part is for all of us kind children's sentence processing (such as turkeys and cows) and much more.
All of the videos are free to watch on the Roundtable Youtube channel, and even your eyes can be featured in the Roundtable storyline by voting regularly (what the next song is, the next one).