Let's learn to lose weight! 10th tomorrow

Merci's Diary Month 10 - Begins governance. Merci did not give up, but decided he had spent nine miserable months trying to make light of the failure.

Minus 15 kilos
This is also a diary, but not the part where I record how many deca mozzarella cheeses, how many milk coffees and apples I ate. Sometimes that feeling, the reader's boredom, doesn't really believe that I really eat that much. But like the real secret diaries, there are details in me that I haven't really shared with my pregnant mates so far. Now, I chose this inner monolayer because I feel like I have to pause for a moment to look back and draw the conclusions.
What are you doing now? Well, nine months have passed and we, who are rotating this page repeatedly, have a mystical time. During these nine months, a sweet determination, forgetful devotion of a child will evolve, to be born through hard work, painful concentration, and the most euphoric in the world.
Maybe a little silly parody - not to be overlooked - I try to summarize the nine months of my life from deciding to birth and describe what my "child" is.
Thorough preparation has preceded my work, my "quest". A team of professionals lined up next to me to help if I needed to, knowing that the lion of the job was just mine. And here I have made a mistake, which, of course, is so clear from my nine months of experience. All women who are consciously preparing for the wonderful nine months are going for a medical examination to make sure they have no biological barriers. Well, this exam failed me. Today, I also know that I am probably conscious, because I feared that light could be a condition that would qualify as inappropriate. So I got into it without a medical opinion, but more decisively.
Let's just say: the conception was successful over the blood, the first trimester completed with miraculous control. Although my own perceptions were far more tangible than the results I have achieved, everyone has assured me that this is good, there is still time, and the delivery of ten kilos is a success. My skepticism was dampened by the "by-pass" of my muscles and the significant increase in my fitness.
And my clothes, especially as a result of the waistline change - just like in my childhood - started to need to be replaced slowly.
However, after the first three months, there was a sudden shock: a nutritionist trained in my lifestyle reform one day let go of the other. It was as if they were telling a pregnant woman: the child is already in, growing, and there is no need for a midwife.
At first I wore it well, but the pace was slow and it made me desperate. I was having more and more problems: my hard-pressed body could not withstand seasonally-challenged youngsters, and because of the strong enforcements, my weight-bearing business began to protest…
I was never alone, always with my family, my editorial staff and Laci, my coach, who in my "excitement" is best suited to play a role: compassionate, kind, and caring. So I feel I can thank him for not giving up on my failure.
Nine hours, 15 kilos. In my case, it didn't seem like a big baby, birth was difficult, not without complications, but somewhere just terrifying. Bacchi's Paranormal: Slow, slack, but mine!
By now, the idea of ​​using the background of my learned craftsmanship to find a scholarly explanation for a humble result has struck me.
If I glued Lacira to the role of guard, then Hajnal was the dela: she was always with me, never losing sight of what was good for me. He also took me to an examination where you can use the findings of modern technology to reveal the amount of tissue in your body. His rare name is bodybuilding. Yet many things are being watched.
For example, because I am not a mankind, I have always insisted that I did not pursue unimportant goals. I don't want to be 55 kilos, only 75. The machine's life was shocking and not sacred, but it is still a scientific find. The ideal body weight for my 175 centimeters height was set at 67 kilos without any measurements. But later, after a pulse impedance test (IDE CERUZA), it was found that the combined weight of bone and muscle is over 78 kilos, and there is no body without bone and no muscle mass. So the goal was professionally backed up from 75 pounds to 80.
But let's face it, it's a long way off, and with such a slow pace, it seems almost impossible. So I researched further and found myself in an endocrinologic bowel to examine my body's hormonal function.
I admit, I'd like a bit of clarification: the cause of the failure is beyond my control, even if it means it is sick. I don't want to because I got up then and got into it, but because then I can set a new course, not only to lose weight, but also to heal. If, on the other hand, it turns out that there is no change, it will give me a new impetus in my life. After all, it's all up to me and I'll multiply my strength to show myself and everyone that I'll be saving the world for the next three months!
Merci has made a lot of progress in the last nine months, and of course the training plan goes along with that. The training starts with cardio training, working on the stepper and on the bike for about 20-20 minutes. The essence of cardio training to increase your heart rate is always dependent on the capacity of the individual. Even though we weren't saved in the beginning, the pulse rate of 140 today is often over 170. One time there is a steady gradual load on the goal, sometimes with a so-called interval trainer. This means changing the load, going up to a higher range, and then back down. Here, I would like to note that once the concept of the Crucial Scanning Range was invented, the majority of women want to stay here. However, the body soon becomes accustomed to the constant strain and does not have the desired effect anymore. There is a need for protrusions and reassurance, not to mention that smart people do not only work on the lung system and muscles because of weight loss.
When Merci is out of this 35-40 minute sweat phase, we are switching to muscle strengthening. Occasionally, we develop other muscle groups. Thighs, arms, shoulders alternate, but each time, complete the training with abdominal exercises.
Even if the balance doesn't show the result, I see Merci's muscled a lot, and that's why I can encourage him. And I respect perseverance. Fitness is at least the result of losing weight.