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Let's learn to lose weight! 9th tomorrow

Let's learn to lose weight! 9th tomorrow

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Merci's Diary, 9th Month - Tornazzi and confident. Merci had hoped that by now, he would have reported the melting of dozens of kills, now more bitter and ineffective.

Minus 15 kilos
I spent long hours figuring out what to write down in my diary so that it wouldn't be boring, but at the same time I wouldn't look too tired. I realized that I wouldn't be credible before myself if I didn't mean the truth. If I stopped listening to how tired of the calculations I was, I would hate all the "musk hermit". Then my conscience always wakes me up, that my fellow buddy would be immediately happy in my place, because in my decision, a whole editorial board would support me by ordering better helpmates.
February 28th
The new diet I chose in January did not live up to my expectations. Of course, everyone tells me not to be nervous, because this is the real one or two drops a month - it's stale and won't come back. But with this pace, I'm getting tired of being slender! My husband, who gave me all the weight in the New Year's resolution, had lost nine kilos, slowly having a belly like a flat stomach. However, we eat the same food, and we do not really have the same amount of exercise: he plays soccer, and Lazizni. It has grown into such a linguistic concept: lacization, that is, cycling, treading, sliding with the guidance of Laci Kiss, a personal trainer at MOM Wellness. This Monday, after my usual medical meeting in Delhi - which I will go to during my childhood so that I can stay updated - I took my little mother and went to the gym. The exercises were completed, and I could program the machines with my eyes closed.
March 1
It is true that I gave my life and blood to the diet, but more fun things happen to me. Today, for example, I went to Csummar, at the Baba-mama club there. Funny Little Event On Tuesday, where local kittens get together for a little chat, they invite speakers to serve as fun-loving parents for their baby-raising parents.
I came to such a lecture, we talked about dentures, toothpicks with my moms, while their little ones in the Ursian room took care of them. I had a good time at the little "Italian" event: we sat in the middle of the room in the middle of our cushion, the kids were playing around and chattering.
But why did I write this down? Since I arrived very early, I went into the culture house and sat on the bench. And the moms in the queue were one by one - well, not everyone, but with the words "You are the baby from the baby!"
March 5
Of course, there are other echoes of my story. I'm shopping with Nanda at one of the hypermarkets, just in the middle of the news when I notice someone is watching. That particular look in my back ... Turning around, you see a pretty young mother with a baby, a baby, deliberately whining to her, "Well, this fat girl in the baby. Just know!" Now, I'd rather no one recognize me.
March 6
Nanda has been a bit miserable for two days now. Fever is nothing, but it seems as if she is touching the air. His distorted face is full of pain and I'm just saddened that I can't help it. For my doctor, the first thing I want to do is go to nature: I try to relieve the cough with lancing cream syrup.
March 7
We have to go to the doctor. Homeopathy Specialist Doctor, after lengthy tests, concludes that Nanda has pneumonia. Life is an antibiotic, capsules, cold.
As a result, I can't get to Laci, and normally I wouldn't be interested, since my child is more important than anything else, but I've come to the point of causing an unbelievable misery. It's a crappy little baby food song, singing some kiddie songs, and thinking about the bike and stepping ... I quickly realize that I'm not at all normal. Fortunately Dad arrives early, so I'm going to the gym anyway!
March 9
I was back in the gym in the morning, because this is the new life for me. Laci is still clueless because she thinks she has a slimming body, but she is never disappointed with what she says, but rather thoughtful…
In the meantime, I am already experiencing certain symptoms, and the signs of the disease appear again. By the time I get home, I have fever, plus abdominal discomfort, so is antibiotics for myself.
March 10
I'm as hungry for medicine as a wolf. The usual morning coffee demands immediate comforts. From my favorite poll or mozzarella voters, I now vote for the latter. It used to come in, but somehow, after two hours, I became hungry again. I'm sorry, but I resist.
March 12
Nanda is beautifully healing, so for the day of the holiday, I plan outreach programs with outings and a gym. Matt is also happy to say yes.
March 15
We were out today. With a friendly family, we came across the fabulously snowy Visegrád and its surroundings, and on our way home in Szentendre, we spend some time in urn. It was a beautiful time, and I didn't realize the day was over.
Pre-organized programs are good for me because I don't have to worry about what I cook, what I eat, what I don't like.
When you take an antibiotic, your feeling of sickness is slowly diminishing. Your baby and dad can eat anything you previously chose, and you can buy salads at the busiest restaurant.
Summarizing the events of the past month, I can report on further changes. I eat a little unanimous but effective diet in mozzarella cheese and salads, sometimes spiced with natural flesh. I caught two kilos this month. That's right, in the last ten days. This does not mean that there is no change on other days: of course! The yo-yo effect is familiar to every consumer when he jumps from 100 to 102 one day and then 101, 100 again. But this month, the result is doubled. I almost can't believe it ... It's overpowering! Shake me, you scream, I swallow you up with the hot air conditioner !!!
Comment: The editor
Indeed, as Merci says, there is a whole editorial behind it. Our office is also about supporting and loving her, and it is only natural that we get her done. When we see a halt, when we get a desperate letter, we put our heads together to analyze what may be the problem. We know, because we always consult with Little Laszlo, his personal trainer, that he regularly goes to the gym and progresses, as he gets more and more, strengthens, and builds muscle. However, this in itself is not enough to lose weight. Laci speaks against himself when he always insists on consuming weight on the eat side, the coach only helps and, of course, shapes and hardens the body. True, we do not see how much and what Merci eats, but we have no reason to doubt what it is.
By now, we, the helpers, have been able to either rinse our arms, so Merci seems to be able to lose weight at this rate only (which, of course, carries the risk of failing, giving up) or reviewing what he has done. We will try to find out what went wrong with the introduction of new helpers. We are as determined as Merci, so naturally we choose the latter option. Come on tomorrow, hopefully we will report on these.
Dawn Йva