This is how you will be successful growing up with your child

This is how you will be successful growing up with your child

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What is it about successful people? Scientists studied the topic, found 12 very interesting relationships.

It is up to all parents to keep their child out of bed, learn and do some fantastic things for an adult. Although there is no specific recipe for success, there are a couple of helpful tips to make it easier: many successful adult childhoods have similarities.

Household work must be done

Not washing it means someone else is doing it instead. So, not only do you break down the part of the job, but you also don't learn to do the job and get out of the majority of the good. Julie Lythcott- Haims Children who learn how to do their homework will be much better off at work, according to them.

Let's teach social cooking

In one study, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Duke studied 700 children between the ages of school and 25 and found that the social skills developed in kindergarten were more important by the end of the year. Research over the course of the century also reveals that those who interact without interest with their peers, help others, appreciate their senses, or have problems with their own.

Let the standards be high

A study of 6,600 people studying children born in 2001 found that parents' expectations have an ubiquitous influence on children's development. The study coincides with the Pygmalion effect (the phenomenon G. B. Shaw named after a well-known playwright), it belongs to the realm of the self-fulfilling proposition, which signifies the real effect of the expectations.

Their relationship is healthy

Children from families where there is a lot of conflict, whether parents are divorced or not, perform much worse than children whose parents do well. Prof. Robert HughesAccording to the head of the University of Illinois and Neapolitan College of Development, conflict-free single-parent families are much more successful than the traditional family model, but are conflicts between adults.

First diploma, after family?

Sandra Tang, according to a study by University of Michigan researchers, graduate parents are more likely to have a graduate child. A study of 14,000 people also found that children under the age of 18, who had family fun, were much more likely to lose their education.

Early math

A 35,000-person study in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom has found that mathematical knowledge acquired early can be very rewarding. Early mathematical skills are of paramount importance; at the beginning of school, the knowledge of numbers, their order, and basic mathematical concepts lay the foundations for not only good mathematics but for the future.

Relationship with children

Our first three years of life, even if we are at the very bottom of poverty, are very determined by careful and loving education. Children who have received sufficient care at this stage of their lives will develop much healthier relationships in their thirties.

Greater freedom

Excessive care or continued childbearing between the ages of 3 and 11 may be delayed. Intense maternity can be severely damaging, as the child's cognitive development, emotional well-being, or behavioral behavior is not determined by the mother's time spent with her, but by her time spent with her.

Rewarding Effort Instead of Avoiding Failure

Carol Dweck, a researcher at Stanford University who studied children and adults for decades. He concluded that there were two ways to interpret success. "Fixed Thinking" assumes that character, intelligence, and creativity are static states that we cannot change in any meaningful way.
It puts you on the path of "growing mindset", gaining the challenge and perceiving the error not as an evidence of un-intelligence, but as an opportunity to develop and improve your existing abilities.

Working mom

Harvard research has shown that children who work with their moms can make a distinct difference in life. So much so that those who were raised by a working mom made 23% more money in their adult years.

They are more of an authoritative language than a gentleman or an authoritative

Diana Baumride first published in 1960, but his findings have since become the basis of many curricula. Three divided the parenting tactics of the parents:
  • a) child center: crab - child center: the child has everything free.
  • b) Adult Center: Easy - Adult Center: tilt, command, discipline.
  • c) developmental focus: linguistic - the parent is purposeful, stimulates the child's abilities.

According to experts, the parents of the most successful adults belonged to the third group, ie the parents raised the child with sufficient rigor, but consistently, taking into account the child's abilities and age.

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  • Strict love makes a child successful!
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