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Breastfeeding during lactation

Breastfeeding during lactation

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What are the options for conception after childbirth during breastfeeding? We asked Dr. Nullra Gullai is a woman of nuns.

Breastfeeding during lactationImmediately after birth, the baby comes, which is a period of regeneration. In a six-week control test, the gonorrhea controls the healing of wounds, the condition of the uterus, the gums and the cervix. It is important to discuss the question of conception with your doctor as soon as possible during the control exam, I asked dr. Nullra Gullai's birthplace - nuns.

Conception is customized

Believe that you cannot conceive another life after breastfeeding during breastfeeding. If you are breast-feeding regularly and are not menstruating at all, it will significantly reduce your chance of becoming pregnant, but you will not know exactly when you will be ovarian. Breastfeeding - if you are serious about not wanting to get pregnant again - is not enough in itself. I don't recommend that you just rely on that. warns dr. Null Gullai. There are many methods of conceiving for pregnant women, but the choice is always based on who needs them. Where are you in family planning? How old? What are your underlying diseases? You always have to consider what your personal preferences are.


For example, tubal sterilization (a multifaceted item), which has the advantage of ensuring long-lasting and reliable conception, can be a last resort, and it is irreversible. If we are talking about multiple cesarean section, this possibility may also be associated with birth, meaning that sterilization is done at the same time as cesarean section, but if you think about it properly, you need to do it right. As this is a more extreme intervention, relatively few survive.


After a vaginal birth, the possibility of a baby being given a spiral is imminent. Unless there is a reason to place the device immediately after birth, it is worthwhile to wait for a short time, as you have a greater chance of moving, letting go, and letting go And we are looking for a safe method of conception. If someone does not plan tovбbbi terhessйget tehбt hosszъ time or egyбltalбn, to be йrdemes vбlasztania this mуdszert if mйgis meggondolnб magбt the eszkцz eltбvolнtбsбt kцvetхen the fogamzуkйpessйg soon helyerбll.A spirбl йvekre szуlу fogamzбsgбtlбsi mуdszer exact time hasznбlati tнpustуl йs gyбrtmбnytуl fьgg. Jellemzхjьk to megakadбlyozzбk megtermйkenyнtett the egg beбgyazуdбsбt and megnehezнtik the hнmivarsejtek йs talбlkozбsбt.A hormontartalmъ spirбl the drбgбbb opciу, but szбmtalan elхnnyel bнr.A hormontartalmъ spirбl sбrgatesthormont contains the egg, which is uniformly released from the eszkцzbхl йs megvбltoztatja the mйhnyak nyбk minхsйgйt, elvйkonyнtja mucosa, reduces the activity of the fallopian tubes, making it more effective in conception than the metal-containing spiral. It also reduces the strength of menstrual bleeding and has benefits in the treatment of painful, spasmodic menstruation, as well as treating menopause as a remedy for catarrhal deficiency. All forms can be used during breastfeeding.

Hormonal contraception

Oral hormone supplements may also be available during breastfeeding. There are only supplements containing gestagen, which are usually prescribed during breastfeeding, but combined (estrogen-gestagen-containing) hormonal contraception may also be possible. These are not recommended immediately after childbirth, because the risk of thrombosis (higher than during pregnancy) in the baby is quite high, and combined hormonal methods that include estrogen also carry this risk. Even the most liberal recommendations suggest that you wait for at least 3 weeks after birth - the doctor warns.

Injection and implantation

During breast-feeding, it is also possible to use progesterone-only fertile injections. It is also necessary to give the injection every three months. Also, there is a little known implantable skin implant available in Hungary. This implant is usually placed on the inside of the upper arm, beneath the skin (a small patch must be visualized) and is released on the progesterone. The implant can be used for up to 3 years.

Hormone-free solutions (vaginal birth control)

The most widely used hormone-free solution is the condom, which, when used correctly, provides adequate contraception during breastfeeding if both members of the couple are eligible. Other hormone-free alternatives to conception may also be possible, although they are no longer popular with women. Spermicidal creams, creams work locally and contain substances that render vaginal sperm incapacitated. One disadvantage of these is that they require a in order to follow exactly what is written in the user manual, this extraordinary use may deprive many of us of the spontaneity of the equation.

Scheduling, Checking, Cervical Examination?

The common feature of these natural methods of conception is that the women try to determine the time of ovulation and have sexual contact on fertile days. "Generally speaking, although these methods reduce the chances of getting pregnant, we don't consider them too reliable, so we recommend that you have a couple who have no plans for a baby or a baby" .
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