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Breastfeeding and breast milk as you use it

What is the difference between breastfeeding and spending on breastfeeding? Born from this meeting is a super poem! During the Breastfeeding Week, you will be communicating, as you can say about breastfeeding.

Literature, more specifically, poetry goes beyond everyday, practical aspects. Nowhere is there any milk intake, breast inflammation, breastfeeding positivity and milk booster. Only the essence:

Vörös Istvбn
The milk ъtt
A drop of milk falls on the ground
under the bed with a length
hair woman breastfeeding. hissed
the floor is ripped, as if
lightly roll the slices
kцzцtt. The drop falls
into the crack, right and left
begins to push it in the alsу apartment
the furniture. There are two rotations
between a white and one
black. The house begins to divide, it's one of two
want to be. Whoever sees the black
and its beard, black
it will be the gum, the white hair.
The street and the surrounding area are torn apart,
the water is running in the darts and the water
the gas of the city is bubbling.
Whoever sees the white,
the fruit is in his pocket,
letter in the mailbox. Kettй-
the city breaks like a wafer.
There was a rough half between two halves
appreciates the sea. One
throws fish ashore,
the other is a blank wormhole.

Forrбs: WABA, Cheong Pooi Yip alcove

Szбmomra this verse is the confrontation of a man with the shocking and overwhelming power of breastfeeding. I'm so crazy that you noticed it! At one moment, the beloved girl is considered a source of nutrition for the other, but it is not just a living baby bottle, but small myths come to life: a woman's body gives life, maintains life, gives you superb, supple, bodily. If spilled from God to the endless sky, all solar systems give birth to it, this Milk, and the distant worlds in it, in an unimaginable distance.
What is it like to see a child grow and change day by day from the mother's milk? Natural and everyday, no wonder if you look from here. However, it is one-off and unrepeatable when we think about it. How does this dull white liquid do this? Because every breast milk and every breastfeeding is a little different, the perfect, living fluid for the baby, a definite slice of the mother's body and care and love. What is the child wearing? What does the milk give him, what does the milk give him and how does he influence what he brings with him? These are secrets and you can only guess at the answers: breast milk as everything is given, breastfeeding as the mother gives herself, and the baby she encounters and follows her own. "One fish throws up on one shore, the other on an empty shell."
Mixing milk drop with znm Lackfi Jбnos you can read poetic thoughts from the same verse. It starts with: A drop of milk like an atomic bomb, which rips up a roof, what's more, it breaks civilizations, and it spreads to an almost apocalyptic corpse upon an avalanche or dominant chain? Continue here