Annoyance: 33 children have been given a new chance so far

Annoyance: 33 children have been given a new chance so far

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Every 100th child is born with a heart failure, and there are times when only heartburn can help a sick child. It has not been possible for a long time, with only 10 years of childbirth in Hungary.

Exhibition of drawings of heart-rending children

On October 18, 2007, the first Hungarian childhood heart transplantation to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the birth of Győrgy Gottsegen Oral Cardiology Institute was conducted in the Center for Pediatric Patients. The 10 йves йvfordulу alkalmбbуl бtesett mыtйten of children's drawings bemutatу emlйkeztek kiбllнtбssal egybekцtцtt esemйnyen by doctors nхvйrek йs йrintett csalбdok domestic child szнvtranszplantбciу eredmйnyeirхl so far, kihнvбsairуl йs jцvхjйrхl.Hazбnkban йvente kцzel szьletik 1000 ъjszьlцtt szнvbetegsйggel. Although the past years have seen significant advances, congenital heart disease continues to play a significant role in infant mortality. More than 90% of domestic pediatric cardiac interventions take place at the Gottsegen Győrgygyi National Cardiology Institute, which operates at the Center for Children's Heart. Here every year, on average 500 heart rate, more than 500 heart rate catheterizationAnd йvi 100 cases handled, operбlnak ъjszьlцtt children. "The veleszьletett szнvbetegsйgek kezelйse, ezбltal and domestic csecsemхhalandуsбg csцkkentйse Bбr the gyermekgyуgyбszat priority task. The elmъlt йvekben pozitнv tendenciбk prevail, and quickly fejlхdх gyermekszнvsebйszet the katйter-intervenciуs terбpia the eszkцzцs keringйstбmogatбs all areas that require further investment and considerable attention. " he stressed Dr. Ofner PeterGeneral Director of the Gottsegen Institute of Cardiology, Gottsegen, 60 years old. Even in adult patients a the possibility of heart transplantation has existed in Hungary since the 1990s (first born in 1992), this solution was not available for children. Part of this is the difficulty of accessing childhood donors and the uncertain long-term outcomes. In the year 2000, procedure introduction. Preparation for 3-4 years started with field practice, followed by appropriate preparation and licensing In 2007, the center received a license for childbirth "The uplifting moment of implanting the new heart into the" empty "chest and starting it after a short blood count. We sent this record 33 times in the last 10 years, so many children and family have been given new hopes. We work with our doctors and nurses on a daily basis to create more life for more sick children, "he said memorably. Dr. Ablonczy Lszszlou, chief doctor of pediatric cardiology at the Children's Heart Center.

Every 100 Children Are Born With Syndrome (Photo by Szilvia Autumn)

Congenital heart failure

Despite advanced pregnancy screening, some degree of birth defect occurs in about 4% of births. Some of the abnormalities in the development of the heart are discovered just before the baby is born, another part is found after the birth, but there are also some that are better for the baby. In our country, the incidence of congenital heart defects is approximately 1%. Symptoms of congenital heart failure can be varied in both infancy and childhood: fast heartbeat and weightlessness, severe sweating, extreme fatigue, slower growth than normal, and blemish coloration of the skin, especially when eating or scrubbing intх signals lehetnek.A veleszьletett szнvfejlхdйsi rendellenessйgben szenvedх children more prone alsу lйgъti betegsйgekre, hцrghurutra, tьdхgyulladбsra.A tйli hуnapokban igйnyel kьlцnцs kцrьltekintйst it, because in addition to the flu lйgъti уriбssejtes vнrus (RSV - Respiratory Virus Syncitial) caused fertхzйs kialakulбsбnak kockбzata also increased. Many gyermeknйl RS vнrus fertхzйs the kцzцnsйges nбthбhoz cause hasonlу tьneteket, бm some cases, most often koraszьlцtt csecsemхknйl йs szenvedх, under 2 йv kisgyerekeknйl cause RSV tьdхgyulladбst certain tьdхbetegsйgekben or jelentхs szнvfejlхdйsi rendellenessйgben, ezйrt important tбjйkozуdni the betegsйg termйszetйrхl йs the megelхzйs lehetхsйgeirхl.Related Articles:
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