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Let's talk to the kid, most of all!

Every child lives with a little aggressor. Even from the purest of seedlings, I sometimes find myself destroying the hernia. There's nothing wrong with that, everyone needs a little bit of tension.

At the youngest he found Frau's hat in the household, and when he stood in the middle of the living room with the tool in his hand, he looked just like the Terminator himself ... Astalavista, baby! I was a little afraid of what was going to go with my hammer, so I started to think about something that could have a destructive idea, but rather in a playful way. play outdoors, get ready in a short amount of time and be cheap. Do you want too much? With five children, these are the basic conditions.
I looked back at what was at home. I found a lot of balloons, super cool, nobody's interested in Kinder figures, from the car to all kinds of animals. Getting started is not bad, but what do I do with us? All moms are great friends on Google, where they just put in the right terms, and the treasure trove comes up, and you don't even need a spell.

It was home

So I found the fantastic idea that everyone was given. The kids just needed a little patience while I was ready with the games. I had a little trouble here, but nothing is perfect. Mom, when will you be ready? Our hammer is stinging! Come back for the idea yourself!

The balloon, icy

Treasured treasures

  • a few larger balloons (things get easier in the bigger mouth, it seems hard at first and really does, but then you get into the plural because you don't believe it will be enough!
  • smaller sized plastic games
  • vнz
  • food coloring (if you want to color the water)


Carefully insert the plastic toys into the balloons so that the balloons do not break out. If each item is at its peak, fill the balloons with water and knot or tie their mouths (if you are painting on colored tiles, you can paint them lightly).
Now we have nothing more than to put the ready-made balloons in the doldrums for a night.

Get the balloon off the jigsaw!

Important! Before kids start hammering, be sure to explain to them the safe use and give them safety eyewear (this can be a superb spectacle, sunglasses, sunglasses, etc.) because of the fragments that fly around.

Safety glasses are required

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