7 Tips to Have a Natural Birth

Are you trying to give birth to your baby naturally? Then, here are a few tips to help you do it the best!

7 Tips to Have a Natural Birth

Natural vaginal birth a 85% of women an entirely valid goal. 15% of the remainder require physicians to intervene because of their various complications, the fetus and / or the risk to the mother. Regardless, if you start out with her wanting a natural birth, you have all the chances, especially if you follow the tips below.

1. Thrill

Look for one parenting course, where you can practice a variety of natural pain management techniques (eg, breathing, sleep hypnosis). Hospitals also hold engaging conversations, but they may not be informed enough, especially if the hospital has a high proportion of cones.

2. Choose a baby who specializes in natural birth

There are babies who are working hard to give birth to their baby on a natural basis. If you surround yourself in the living room with people who are hanging on you, you are much more likely to succeed in enlightening your ideas. Akбr you can bet, check out the internet for that as well!

3. Keep your weight down

Birth is usually easier and hassle-free when the mom not excessive, therefore, pay attention to healthy eating and exercise, but also to exercise during pregnancy.

4. Make your goal less interference possible

For women who want less intervention during pregnancy, there is a similar goal in the midst of childbirth. Unless you have a particular health concern, you do not need to complete all optional exams. Of course, there are obligations that every little baby needs to fulfill, but the rest you may decide not to ask.

5. Don't rush into the city at once

At home, you can sit in the bathtub, take a walk, eat or drink if you feel like it. If the butterflies persist less than five minutes change each other and get stronger, call the doc. You can start packing according to great currency. However, if you are less frequent, you will be better off staying at home. If you run into the hospital, they may be home, or worse, indoors, with a good chance they also intervene.

6. Live with the power of water

Baths, showers and baby pools are super "tools" that can help you reduce your pain all day long. Spend so much time vнzbenas much as you can (of course, only if you don't mind).

7. Use what you have learned

Apply what you learned there when you are ready for a birthing ceremony! Breathe, meditate, relax, move, change positions, ask for a massage, listen to music - these are all great ways to relax in the beans, and finally give birth to the baby on the vagina.
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