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6 things to do during your pregnancy

6 things to do during your pregnancy

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What is the best thing to do when you're pregnant, packing your hospital bag, furnishing your baby's room, folding your baby clothes, and getting your baby in the car? Show.

A few extra tips for the third trimester

1. Choose a home gadget for your baby

Remember, while packing your own essentials for your birth, your child will need a complete dressing gown from home. Which, of course, takes into account the season (so you will need warm clothes, anoraks if you give birth too), not to mention hospital photography, if you are lucky enough to do something where you bring light. We know, with so many cute clothes, it's hard to choose!

2. Make sure there is enough gasoline / gas oil in the car

If you have a 45 minute drive to the hospital, it would not be very fortunate if you had to stop at the gas station in the meantime.

3. Free up some memory on your phone

If there are certain pop-up messages on your mobile every day that inform you that your storage is full, you can now clean or promise some content on your laptop and buy some unused apps. You will need the place for the many photos and videos your baby will need to make.

4. Plan your menu

There are some who pack frozen food full of pre-cooked meals, and others put family and friends in battle to serve some elementalism for the first few weeks. Whatever you choose, the point is to take care of the first period, because you will certainly not have the time or pleasure to cook, but you have to eat it and it doesn't matter what.

5 Go to a hair salon

It's a good idea to quickly arrange a visit to the hairdresser close to the check-out date. Just because, after your trauma, you will probably feel a little better in your skin if your hairstyle is okay. And you probably won't have the time to ask for a new date for a couple of weeks.

6. Do nothing

Yes, you read it. Now is the time to really switch off and talk to nothing. If you have a baby, for a while you may not be able to spontaneously read magazine or snooze. Slow down a little, watch your favorite show, lie down on the couch, and simply enjoy the rest you can!Related articles in 3rd trimester: