It is possible to give birth naturally after a cup

It is possible to give birth naturally after a cup

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Even though it has been unequivocally stated that her cesarean section can only be followed by cesarean section, nowadays there is no obstacle to a second pregnancy.

The perception of babies in the field has changed whether or not the next birth after cesarean section may occur on the vagina - Origo writes. csбszбrmetszйs: if the mother's life is at risk due to the continuation of the natural childbirth (for example, heart attack, pulmonary embolism), or if the fetus is at risk of death oxigйnhiбny, worsening of vocal cords, severe abscess). There is also a need for cesarean section, if the fetus does not protrude, or pregnancy poisoning (toxemia).

Naturally, you can give birth after a cup (Photo: Europress)

In recent years, the need for cesarean section has also increased for older women. There are those who want to relieve the pain of going to sleep in such a way, and the vagina and, indirectly, the the life of sexual life would like to have more cesarean section. Many also find it advantageous to have a baby with a cesarean section, well done over her shoulder.
However, there are some mothers who believe that childbirth is, of course, the real thing, and that the first child to have a cesarean, and the second time to give birth to the vagina. His tears in the profession had suggested that cesarean section should only be a cesarean stone, but the professional recommendation had changed.
Previously, physicians thought that the number of cesarean sections could be fatal, with up to three cesarean sections due to the high rate of uterine utilization. Today, however, the approach is changing.