First steps to a sugar-free life

It's not that hard to give up roula! The sweet taste of the fruit is just enough to blossom.

The fruit juice of the fruits dries the sugar

Let's see what you can do!
1. Anything incredible, but you don't even have to keep sugar at home. What is not in hand is easier to cancel.2. Do not buy or reclaim sweets, no more than your own, sugar-free jam.3. Also avoid seeing candy as a reward.4. Convince your family members of the benefits of sugar free! It is best if you seek to accept the natural sweet taste and direct your family in this way.5. Tea without tea is also very tasty when you have the raw material.6. Chocolate is quite a little satisfying, if you have the bulk of cocoa beans, non-vegetable yeast and sugars, the homemade fruit yoghurt gives you just the right amount of sweet taste. You can add bananas or soaked raisins and popcorn in raisins instead of sugar, these solutions will also increase your natural fiber content. The recipes usually contain too much sugar, and the results will be much less refreshing.Mйz: The most common natural sweetener, it contains important enzymes and trace elements besides sugar, its sugar content is lower than that of crystalline sugar (so a cinnamon contains less sugar than a cinnamon crystal sugar). But also with honey only a little hasznбlj! Remember that the goal is to gradually reduce your need for sweetness. It is also not advisable to consume honey without limit!maltitol: It is made from cornstarch, has a sweetening effect similar to sugar. Removes teeth, has an energy content of forty percent less than sugar. It slowly increases, so that it raises the blood sugar slightly and has a glycemic index of only 20-30.Xylitol / nyнrfacukor: The sugar is forty percent lower energy content, low glycemic index, tooth-friendly, sugar-like sweetener. It is made from the fibers of corn cobs and poplar trees.stevia: It is a natural sweetener, a plant from South America with 30 times the leaves and up to 300 times as sweet as sugar. Calorie content 0, does not cause tooth decay, vitamin A and trace elements. It can also be used for cooking and cooking. It can be used in the form of plant leaves (as a spice) or in the form of drops (drops, tablets).