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11 Powerful Cleaning Tips

There aren't many housewives who like to clean up, but at the same time, everyone wants a clean home. We've collected 11 handy cleaning tips to help you get things done faster and better.

Takarнtбs? Come on, let's get her!

Express microcleaning

Fill a microwaveable jug with half water and screw a full jug lemons. Put it in the dirty microg, boil the water in it, and let the lemon vapor penetrate inside the microg. Now you just have to remove the leftover food left over from the cooker wall. The result: shiny purity of the better.

Pen on monitor? occur

Kids are able to squirm everything. The monitor too. It doesn't come off with a damp cloth, nor does it work. Do not fall for it with lacquer wash and the like. Get better white toothpaste on a soft cloth, and gently doodle it with it. See, it's coming down fast. Removing the toothpaste remnant leaves no trace of the child's spontaneous creation.

Fluffy shoe swiping

To make your shoes dry faster, gather together new paper in a button And put it in your shoes. The tissue paper absorbs moisture quickly and beautifully.

Brush with toothbrush!

Cleaning shoes, fridge seals and silver with easy-to-use toothpaste when you do not have a professional brushing agent at home. If you're already on your teeth ... you can use the old toothbrush, making it easier to access the dirty parts that seem inaccessible. (And you also protect the environment by reusing it.)

Operation of Glass Bottle Irrigation

If you do not have a glass washer or one that fits your glass, call for a little help raw rice. Filter a portion into the glass, add warm water and then swirl it in a little dishwashing liquid. Finally, put the cap on and you can smell it. Rice cleans.

Toilet cleaning is a bit crazy

No toilet cleaner at home, though kуla Yes? Pour one dose in the toilet in the evening, then wash with the toilet brush in the morning and rinse it off. Voilб! Sparkles!

The most ridiculous thing is cleaning the venetian blind

Aren't you getting a good fit for the rattan? Put on your hands a flared socks or soft gloves. Immerse it in some skin-friendly and chemical-free, clean water. (You may have vinegar, dishwashing water, if you do not have a skin-friendly, usually detergent.) Your hand will easily close between the sheets so you can work faster.

Crumbs, hair, hair on the couch? Not much!

In many places they are tacky "clean roller"Get one! You can come to the gate if you want to lighten up the lightness of the hair, the hair, the powder, the lint, or the crumbs. .

Shower head

Put me in a bag (slightly) lemon juice or vinegar, then put the shower head in, and fasten the bag with a rubber band or twine. It may be necessary to leave the shower rays in the solution for a couple of days, but you can stay up all night. Hurrб! He freed up a few minutes of yawning. In the meantime, play with the kid, or grab a stone, or cover the other corner of your home.

Popsitцrlх, břrmire

If you're in a hurry but haven't had time to clean your shoes the day before, get a quick one popsitцrlхt, and wear her shoes with her. (If you don't have a buttocks at home, get one!) This will save you time, since you don't have to look for rags or water. (An old-fashioned buttocks can do a good job of cleaning up the toilet, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or cleaning the car's dashboard. It's better than just throwing it away.)

Tea and caviar in the jars

So a little szуdabikarbуnбt into the glass, bögrébe. Let warm water in and let it soak for at least half. No need to scrub, the stain comes off quickly.
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  • No fairy tale, must be cleaned again!
  • Plush toys are covered without washing machine