Answers to the questions

The favorite fairy-tale of my country is the creator of the storytelling competition

On November 27, the first round of the Fellowship Association and the Fellowship of the Game Island finalized, and it was revealed which of the three fairy tales went further.

The enthusiastic appeal of the Tale of the Fairy Tale appealed to the fairy tale enthusiasts: a total of 1655 votes were received for the received tales. Most of the votes were given to the Katica group of the Dewdrop of Mezokkeresztes Deaf Drop School in Szentistván. There are 475 votes in favor of the Zыrbolygu Missionary Society. They graduated from Ordinary Elementary School Class 2 / A Damn it! cнmы with a messenger voted for by 326 mesmeric fans. The third pass is the story of the Manu Mixed Group of Manulfalvi, A Little Zirc in the Space! and 246 votes cast. There is no stopping even after the first round has been completed: the appeal of the competition is another test of the creativity of further groups. The three deciding teams continue to refine their talks with the help of illustrator Petra Finna and illustrator Radnutti Blanka. Perfect Tales will be available on the Mesefaragu website from December 10th - this is the start of the next public vote and the closing competition on December 16th.
Let's continue to do the fairy tale carving and the collective work - submit your polls and vote! And on December 17th, it will be revealed which group wins the prize pool, a playground created by the Game Island store and equipped with skill development games.