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No breastfeeding at home

No breastfeeding at home

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This is how my baby is humping her head during breastfeeding. What should I do to not see what I don't want? This is a little council from a practicing mother.

How to breastfeed without a home?

I have a lot of ideas!

1. I put on two layers of clothes, one of them I could pull down to release the breast, while there was a pole over my shoulder and my chest. With the help of a sucker, I was able to pull off the upper quickly if I was arrogant and during that time I was able to successfully position the bra 2. I tried to make it so that if we knew what was going on, it wouldn't be as public. So the child didn't have much chance to look at it. Make eye contact with the baby, grab your small hand, grin your palms and smile in your face, it completely releases and elicits a response. He listens to me, the two of us, excluding the book. You'll also get used to similar cases because, in the short term, breastfeeding on the head and in the middle of other shows. Hajrб!


With a baby of seven months, you can begin to set up your agenda and switch to breastfeeding slowly when you need it! : D Suwal: Both will be better. Babe will only pay attention to the food in her kayaking time, and social games will enrich her.


Breastfeeding is an intimate thing - I think we're either alone or daddy can communicate with us and communicate without voice. :-)

I did what I knew

I tried to find a quiet place, to move around, to get my attention, but I was not interested. I did everything I don't like, don't look at it.


For those who are uncomfortable, I recommend breastfeeding or the use of scarves in the squares. I think if the baby is really hungry, he won't be able to divert his attention, but if he is just teasing, he may be hurrying to get his head done. Personally, I was not bothered by seeing more of the person watching, but if the kid didn't calm down after a while, I'd rather put the baby down and look for a game or continue the walk. :-)

Everybody's seen it!

I put the little cloth / sleeve on the affected part. And if I was discouraged, I thought that everyone was watching me, that nobody cares (the experience was whoever you tense turns away, doesn't look there).
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