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10 things that aren't automatic for the kid

Sometimes it's hard to stop, but you need to know where the border is.

Today, when everyone has only the right, but no obligation; when it comes to external printing, we feel that it is very difficult to find the balance when it comes to rewarding the most basic things. has collected 10 things that can be a useful guide in parenting.

1. Reward your good behavior

Why do you keep in mind that if your child doesn't shop and shop in the store, you have to buy half the sweets? We know you are a kid, but you still have to learn that it is natural to buy a purchase without any disorder. And this must be natural, not something that can reward you every time.

2. Reward your good ticket

When a child is out on the football field or in the gym, he feels like he is the best athlete in the world. What they are not sure about, however, is that true elite athletes are very hard at success. If they struggle with determination and perseverance, the results will come, not just the stallions.

3. Don't buy them everything

First, let's teach them to write down what they have. Learning to earn is a very important, but very difficult, lesson in life, but beyond that, the next step can be to understand what you want to get. Let's teach them how to save, how to collect, and make money. Trust us, you will be able to appreciate them, and you will appreciate them much better once they have been acquired.

4. Not friendly to everyone

Unfortunately, there is no rule in life that rules that the playground is full of friends. Let's try to convince the child that a friend who is less, but closer, is much better and much longer.

5. They don't have the gourmet menu

We all work hard to raise a child and are sure to have the time, the opportunity, the energy to serve a seven-course dinner, as much as we would like. Let's not feel guilty about it, the point is to try our best and give you the healthiest.

6. The rabbit does not come

We are parents and non-personal housekeepers, or a private back-up service, even if it seems so many times. Teach your child to keep himself / herself clean and clean and that doing the day-to-day housework doesn't reward you. You just have to do it.

7. The kitchen is not fast

Patience is a very difficult lesson for children, and many adults too. If you ask for something, unfortunately there is no other option, you have to accept that there is no spread-spread table in the currency, although we would be very fond of it.

8. This is not the only way to get a certificate

Our children are smart, kind with others, and ignorant, by no means. Get to know them and their teachers, uvunny too. But unfortunately, coming to the next class does not come automatically, you have to study and work for it. And this has to be understood as they do not want to spend their summer holidays with study either.

9. They can't win everything

We must not leave them to win at every game, they must learn to win, and as much as head to head, to lose. We need to teach them not to give up the game if we are not winning. Racing is a natural stimulus, but losing is a learning behavior that, if you succeed at a young age, will be a much easier thing to do in life.

10. They are not always right

Everyone wants to believe that he is right to know better than others. This is the case with many adults, even if we do not confess. It is our responsibility to repair them if you fall ill. At best, they ask for an apology and realize that you are suffering, arguing worse or starting to argue deliberately. We need to teach them early on in our task that it is not always right and wrong to be guilty of all.Related articles in parenting:
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