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Blood tests can be done next to the bed with the New Hungarian Development

Clever minilab was developed by a Hungarian company: with the help of the readers, in few minutes, on the spot, he could carry out exams that required a complete laboratory analysis.

Blood tests can be done next to the bed with the New Hungarian DevelopmentHundreds of millions of HUF large-scale innovation project has developed a market-leading smart minilab in the Hungarian market 77 Elektronika Kft. With the help of a home doctor, a paramedic or a doctor in a matter of minutes, locally, you can carry out exams that have required complete laboratory analysis. The device can help prevent infarction and save lives. And in the case of diabetes, a szыrйsben, provides effective and quick help in the treatment of people with diabetes. diagnostics near the patient (point-of-care testing). The essence of this is that with the help of advanced technology tools a general practitioner, an ambulance doctor, an emergency doctor or a specialist can perform on-site examinations that previously required a complete laboratory analysis. As a result, both the patient and the attending physician can save a lot of time and energy by examining the condition or making a diagnosis, which can save lives in some cases. , which can analyze the blood removed in a few minutes. The hi-tech medical device is currently able to perform tests for diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and inflammation of the body, but it is planned to extend the diagnostic spectrum to more patients. the mentхszolgбlat, magбnorvosi rendelхk, hбziorvosi ellбtбs, invazнv kardiolуgiai beavatkozбst vйgzх osztбlyok or small labs is jelentхs professional tбmogatбst szбmбra. "the SmartTester fejlesztйsйt the betegellбtбs termйszetes evolъciуjбbуl fakadу igйny made indokolttб as vilбgszintы process that kezelхorvos site minйl tцbb vizsgбlatot to learn The smart mini lab developed by 77 Elektronika Kft. can replace the complete laboratory examination for certain disease groups, which speeds up diagnostics, and allows you to the sooner the necessary medical intervention is started, treatment. The product has been launched in Hungary and will soon be available in international markets, "he said. Zettwitz Sбndor, Managing owner of 77 Elektronika Kft.With a smart minilab, you can instantly prove my infarction and the doctor can start the necessary intervention on the spot. conclusions can be drawn regarding the level of glucose. Troponin levels can also be measured with the portable minilab, which is key in the immediate detection of heart attack. Tovбbbб the kйszьlйk lehetхvй makes D-Dimer йrtйk mйrйsйt which the thrombotic vйrrцg kйpzхdйssel jбrу betegsйgek, бllapotok feltбrбsбt, igazolбsбt tбmogatja, however, it CRP йrtйket also kйpes analyze eszkцz that makes the body gyulladбsos or, kezdхdх gyulladбsos бllapotбnak kimutatбsбt lehetхvй megbнzhatу mуdon.
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