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"I'm proud of my cup-scar!"

Raquel Renter had to give birth to her second child by cesarean section. Although frightened of the myth, today he feels proud.

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Raquel Renteria she gave birth to the girl on November 23rd. She was thinking she was going to have a natural baby, but that didn't happen because the baby was flabby, so she had to give birth to her with cesarean. " He says he was afraid of the scar and was afraid that the operation would affect his body and soul over the long term. As you know, he was also afraid of what he was going to feel, is not the birthright"But now I don't feel that I have been deprived of my birth or that I am less cool," she added. She was killed by the Huffington Post. She stated that she had had her first child born on the vagina, and added that she was wonderful to every mother in any way she could bring forth a child.

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More than 3,300 people liked her post on Instagram within two weeks. "We couldn't be more proud of my scar," he says.Our most important articles on cesarean section:
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