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So current trend you need to know if you're planning a baby or kid's room (X)

So current trend you need to know if you're planning a baby or kid's room (X)

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So current trend you need to know if you're planning a baby or kid's room (X)

Thousands of colors, at least the same number of styles and shapes that catch on, and we haven't even talked about practicality and elaborate design ... Designing a baby's room is one of the last nine months of fun.

An exciting time full of tasks to solve. The beginner's question is always the same: how do we get started? And the answer is more about where in the country for the most adventurous and baby-friendly, all in one place, in just one week, to discover the latest trends, the most beautiful baby and nursery furniture and accessories. Come to BabaMama and KidExpura November 22-24 and designed the dream nursery. See you in Budapest Arena!

Colors and Shapes: Baby Room 2.0

As your home becomes more local, so when planning the realm of the smallest, it's a good idea to remember: We've gone far beyond the variations of pink and blue, and it's not uncommon to combine up to 3-4 colors in a harmonious nursery. Of course, creating a peaceful, intimate atmosphere is a basic goal, but this is not equal to an unimaginative end result. Check out the trend trends in 2020 and bring a little twist to the doll's room: fresh and soothing mint, warmer northern tones, ground colors, subtle rusts and fluffy shades all fall short.Colors and Shapes: Baby Room 2.0The really daring parents can take a level and think about the specific theme of the play. In recent years, tropical rainforests and savannahs have begun to cool in the baby and nursery. There are many different forms, quantities, and quality of these hobby topics in children's lives, as there is a wide variety of colors, patterns, and accessories. A more distinctive wall color or wallpaper can be complemented by a tented sleeping area, animal headboards, graphics on the wall and natural materials, playful animal carpets, baskets, and wooden accessories. There's nothing to keep you, crocodile, giraffe, monkey and elephant, sure!

Is that a bunker?

A growing selection of multifunctional furniture beds is an ubiquitous choice for space utilization, and you can use it to create a practical, compact space for a smaller nursery. These pieces of furniture are mostly bunk beds or extendable beds, have a lot of storage space and are not only called as playgrounds, but they also have sliding, ladder, bunker or table. There are many different forms of design: from Scandinavian minimalism to wavy beams, they can be classic guides or exciting shelters. The rich imagination of little ones knows no boundaries, and these solutions take you to any fairy tale.Is that a bunker?

Maximize the space!

Hanging furniture is a very exciting addition to children's rooms nowadays. They provide super indoor indoors without any doubt and have the advantage of being volatile and removable. Another variant of the fitting decorative elements is the suspended tent, which in addition to beautifully moving the room, creates a wonderful world for the little ones. You can put it on your baby's head, creating a magical mood for hanging out, or you can create a hut hanging over your playground. Just as the kid wants!Maximize the space!

Textile textiles

I'm sorry if you think that your carpet, upholstery, pillows and wall hangings are exclusive in the living room or in the adults' room. You can combine these materials and patterns to your liking and stack them in the smallest family member family, in fact! Kids love textures, different tactile surfaces. Fringes, cheerleads, macrames create a cheerful atmosphere, and since they spend a lot of time on the floor, so soft, delicate surfaces are ideal for a more comfortable and warm environment.Textured textiles

Plus a tip

Books are also a form of disengagement for children and play an important role in development. Without a bookshelf, a real good kid's room is unimaginable, but you don't have to stick to conventions and enter into the traditional look. If you let go of your fantasies, this furniture will be the centerpiece of the story-teller, too: it has a very trendy geometric shape, can be achieved in almost any shape, and can be realized. Hajrб!Do you want to see with your own eyes how this trend can fit nicely into a baby or kid's room? November 22-24. Between BabyMama and KidExpo, you can personally ask your topic experts who are eager to help you design your baby bunny. At the event for the most adventurous and baby-friendly parents in the country, 200 awards, free advice and valuable prizes await every newcomer to their newborn baby. All members of the family will find exciting programs in the Budapest Arena, thanks to the BabaMama Expo twin party, and KidExpo for older children, and the big ones won't get bored.
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