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This is how your garden should be, so that no ticks get in the way

Many people say that ticks spread dozens of diseases. However, it is scarcely apparent that a significant proportion of ticks occur in the affected gardens themselves.

Although it's not too encouraging, good news that garden owners have the key there to create a garden where the ticks will escape. And just a few simple facts to keep in mind.You should keep -20 degrees for the ticks to die out and for the eggs to be too much. It is easy to see that it will not be the solution to the ticks. "There are 4 things to keep in mind, and make these decisions depending on where your garden is coming from and what you are guaranteed to have is a tick-garden" - he advises Zsolt Szigeti Managing Director of Abatox Kft.4 things to know about the tick:
1. The tick does not go high, rather push yourself down
2. The tick loves shady areas and hates warm sunlight
3. The tick prefers wet, damp areas, does not like to dry
4. The tick is a covert way of life. How can you create a garden that ticks prefer to avoid?

Make the garden tidy

"The excess slime, the garden's overpopulation of ticks, outstrips a 5-star hotel for ticks. they are pursuing a hidden lifestyle, the less well-tended your garden, the more chances you have of getting better and better living conditions. Not to mention the fact that a crowded garden can attract further ticks to the ticks. A stack of timber on a platform is better than being stored on the ground. It is worth saving less on the ground and planning on the shaded parts, "said Zsolt Szigeti, managing director of Abatox Kft.

Maintain it regularly

The second most important thing is that man is always maintain the gardenand the undergrowth. The higher the tree grows, the thicker the leaf cover the garden, the more the ticks feel better. Due to the low penetration of sunlight, the undergrowth creates a moist, damp, shady environment that ticks love. We need to let a lot of sunlight penetrate the undergrowth. Collecting fall leaves in the fall is especially important, though they are almost certain to find the right area for transplants. But do not make things easier for them - the expert advises.

Have the green area planned

One of the best friends of ticks besides moisture is the umbrella because it protects them from drying out. There is no doubt that we are in need of it this summer, but what a shady cool garden would be if it were rendered useless by ticks. It is worth considering how to design it garden education. A big tree can do the service in Iran, but unfortunately not the most targeted in a tick-threatened area. A mobile shade, which is used only during your stay, tends to become less accustomed to tics. To prevent it getting wet, protect it from the rain with some blanket.

Exclude the curvy animals

Do you think an innocent little sinner can carry up to 80 ticks? Curvy cats, or possibly dogs that are sympathetic, can spread the tick. These animals should be kept away from the garden if you want to minimize ticks. It is worthwhile wrapping your garden with dense droughty drought.

Separate the functions

Based on what has been said so far, it is best for the garden to be a bit dense with hot sunlight. But this is not a pretty thing, but without plants, it is not really a garden. It is possible to think in plants, just to try to distinguish well from the area that the homeowners use to spend time outdoors. Although the garden can be surrounded by plants, it is advisable to separate the garden by 60-80 cm from the rest of the garden, as much as possible by more sunlight. If the sunlight, the warm blanket of the sun is difficult to get through. If we keep these aspects in mind, we can say that we do our best to reduce the number of ticks in our garden. And an experienced gardener can follow these rules to create a viable, beautiful garden like this one:(photo: Abatox Kft.)
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