Is the microcontroller unhealthy?

Is the microcontroller unhealthy?

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Many people are wondering whether microwave ovens are dangerous to their health. Cheap, fast and effective help in the kitchen, but many suspect it is harmful to the human body.

Many people are concerned about the harmful effects of microwave ovens. Some people say that radiation has a harmful effect on the human body, that it is food that radiates, and that there is a view that calls for structural changes in food. Fans of conspiracy theories say that we are not dealing with these "facts" in the mainstream because manufacturers have other interests. We tried to find out if it was dangerous to let the microwave into our kitchen.

How does it work?

The origins of the microwave oven date back to 1945, and the invention of an American engineer, To Percy Spencer we can thank, although the warming effect of microwaves was known in the thirties. In 1945, Spencer, a designer of what was called an American company, called magnetrons (which gives his soul to the micron), experienced experimenters with the effect of a heater. The microwave oven's career began with its discovery: in 1947, we produced the first oven that worked according to the principles invented by Spencer.
The essence of this is that the device heats the food (or drink) inside the low-frequency radio waves (just exactly 2.45 GHz) with the magnetron discovered by Spencer. The magnetron generates electromagnetic radiation and converts it into microwave energy. These microwaves penetrate the space: they rotate and vibrate the molecules of the material to be heated, which then causes the material to break down and heat up the food. When microwaves enter the stator, waves are formed, so the food must be rotated for even heat. Usually it turns the food on top of a glass.

Does it broadcast or does it not broadcast?

Micro is currently not particularly dangerous according to current state of science. No electric field can penetrate inside the oven, the metal rod in the oven door is a kind of defect, which prevents microwaves from entering the outside.
Of course, an isolation can never be hundreds of bars and the radiation of any leaked microwaves is not strong, so we advise you not to expose you to the very least. Do not operate the oven with the door open, although most microchips will not turn on when the door is open. If the door is damaged or defective, it is of course not advisable to use the knives, as is the case with all other knives.

Is the microcontroller unhealthy?

Scientists are not convinced that microwaves do not lead directly to cellular mutations, but they have a warming effect, much like cell phones. Another common fear is that micronized food radiates: since microwaves do not remain in the food, it has proved to be a myth.
The microwave radiation that causes severe injuries, fractures to the eye - especially during development - can be very harmful, but it can only occur inside the box, and very narrow inside it. Here's the same advice: Do not stand in the immediate vicinity, let's not look at the oven that is just working.
The structure of heat-treated foods naturally changes, but we didn't say much about this, just think of defrosting frozen food. Changing the structure can be said for everything we cook - some molecules are decomposed, and others are formed by the heat treatment.
Do not place objects in the microwave, it may cause sparks, and the oven will be unusable with great currency. Refreshingly good advice is to warm in glass jars rather than plastic, or before eating, stir in the food to make your temperature more balanced, because it is hot inside.
Microwave ovens are a powerful and nowadays inexpensive kitchen appliance, which, if you follow the instructions, is no more dangerous than other kitchen utensils.
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