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Even if your head is stressed, there is a solution

Many have noticed that they have better bouts of stress during periods of stress. This is not unexpected, as some studies have shown that chronic pain and stress are linked in many ways.

Even if your head is stressed, there is a solution According to Dr. Zoltán Páll, wound center of pain center, traumatologist, sports doctor, medical analgesia may break the eczema.
Brain and Lifestyle Causes According to Brain magazine, many people with chronic pain experience difficulty in managing stress, especially if they have an average size of hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of the cerebellum that corresponds, inter alia, to spatial fluidity and memory function. The szakйrtхk нgy нrtбk the hippocampus mйrete йs the fбjdalomйrzet kцzti цsszefьggйst: aktivбlуdik hatбsбra a stress hormone cortisol nevы with a higher level of the hippocampus цsszefьgg mйretйnek csцkkenйsйvel.Tehбt minйl smaller hippocampus, annбl tцbb cortisol termelхdik which eredmйnyez greater fбjdalomйrzйkenysйget йs the hozzбjбrul for the development of chronic pain. This interdependence is important because knowing how to deal with stress in such patients can also reduce their pain.
However, the practice of a doctor also reveals that stress can lead to pain for another reason. muscle tension almost bleak part of our lives. So much so that, after a while, we can hardly feel it unless we consciously try to relax. Wherever the pain appears, the alternation between the others and the nature of the work also affects one another. The most common stress symptoms that occur during work are those affecting the neck, back, shoulders and pain in the limbs. The situation is further exacerbated by all-day improper posture, which severely burdens the spine. That's why a well-tuned screen, an ergonomically well-trained chair, and regular exercise, gymnastics, emphasize dr. Zoltán Páll, Wound Center for Pain, Trauma, Sports Physician.

This is how a doctor and a physical therapist can help

One of the best and most effective methods of stress relieving is exercise, especially exercise supervised by a specialist. Of course, no form of exercise should start suddenly without exertion, and the proper tuning and stretching of pre-workout muscles and joints, and finally a lot of lean muscle mass are essential. Particularly important in this case is the strengthening of the abdomen and the abdominal muscles, and even the first step in the case of any deformities that have already developed is the visit of a specialist and a physiotherapist. Personalized exercise not only relieves pain but also relieves stress. - Of course, there are many who are barely moved by the fear of pain or the fear of pain. In such cases, it is advisable to use drug-free and pain-less pain-relieving methods, such as shock wave therapy. The shock wave can penetrate the surface of the body - after applying a gel to deliver the wave to the designated area with the appropriate treatment head - it activates the body's lymphatic mechanisms, dissolves the painful muscles, It induces blood circulation and metabolism. Therefore, not only do the therapists reduce pain, but the real cause is eliminated by the gradual regeneration of diseased tissues - Doctor Pyll explains. Initially, rapid elimination may require targeted non-steroidal and steroidal agents and injections, which almost immediately exert their analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.
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