Do you want a baby? These are the most important thingsWhen, how, in what position?

Do you want to get pregnant faster? It's worth watching when, how many times, and how I crash!

If you are not defensive, you may become pregnant up to two days before your follicular rupture. To find out when you are fertile, you need to count the days, monitor your cervical average (before and during ovulation, feel cool, relaxed, translucent, increase in volume - then in the infertile period, testhхmйrsйkleted. In the next couple of days after ovulation, the temperature will increase by 0.2-0.4 degrees Celsius.

How often do you go together?

Logic first says the more times the better. However, if you want a kid, you might want to look at the request a little bit. The sperm count will be significantly lower if the male is ejaculated frequently. However, if this does not happen for weeks, the sperm will be relatively old and will not be able to fertilize the egg. So don't put sex and self-restraint on fire: you should be together several times, but not more than once a day.


Good news that you don't have to read the Kama Filters from the beginning to the end (if you haven't already). After all, you don't have to go through different extreme acrobatic poses to get pregnant - unless you want to. There is no credible study that would give you what is best suited for childbirth.Some women may prefer to be below sex, say, gravity will help them. However, this is not entirely true, the sperms move extremely fast and will not be moved by gravity.

What should I do afterwards?

Some experts recommend that you stay in the bed for 20-60 minutes after sex, and if you have something, put your foot on the wall and lift your tongue with a little cushion. What you want afterwards is up to you. Except that you do not run for a shower, you will not get pelvic inflammation because it will reduce your risk of becoming pregnant. The other thing to avoid after sex is any activity that increases your body temperature, such as a hot tub or sauna.

Just relax!

Stress can also put pressure on relationships. Don't just be together to get pregnant. You can try even a few sex toys, but strictly only something that both of you are inside and do not make you feel uncomfortable. (Via)Related articles on Productivity:
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