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Zika-vrus was also published in Slovakia

Zika-vrus was also published in Slovakia

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The first disease caused by the Zika virus appeared in Slovakia - quoted Health Minister Viliam Cislák from the Slovakian Public Service Mission TASR.

According to the briefing, for the time being, they know of an infected person. The presence of the Zika virus was detected in the woman who had been suspected of being infected during the past week. he detected symptoms of an unspecified illness. Samples from the patient were sent to Hamburg for testing where the virus was detected.
A woman infected with the Zika virus, but in a stable condition, was allowed home for treatment shortly after the examination. "There is no need to isolate, the disease does not spread by drip infection, its course is like that of an influenza," Viliam Cislak said in a statement to the young woman on Wednesday.
The World Health Organization (WHO) announced a global health emergency in early February, as it estimates that the number of people affected by zoonotic fever in the US continent will rise to about a million this year.
The virus is suspected to cause fetal malformation in fetuses, but this has not yet been fully demonstrated.