The mothers lay in front of the hospital, the procurement begins

On Saturday, a group of three civilians organized a flashmob in order to ensure that mothers are still sleeping on the ground despite donated bed items at Heim Paul House. After the promotion, the State Health Center starts the procurement process.

Three non-governmental groups, the Helpers, the Mothers, organized the Mother and the Hungarian mothers' flashmob on Saturday: we have to pay $ 4,500 per night.After the moms lay in front of the hospital, they started procuring Earlier, Heim Pбl told hvg.hu that the gifts are big, not too hygienic and dangerous, so we don't use them. The donations were made by a Duke of Sorbogard, Zsolt Orosvбri he gathered that he was there on Saturday as well.After the flashmob, a couple of hours later, the State Health Center sent a statement to MTI that he would like to announce it in March. According to the CSCE, most hospitals also have children for close relatives of sick children, but few institutions have yet to live up to the expectations. Appropriate placement for all relatives, as well as helping to heal children in the hospital, is needed. The government provided $ 660 million a year to support their parents - they made a donation.
  • The parents are still sleeping on the ground, even though it would be in the hospital
  • Heim Pál Hospital says donations are not good
  • You do not have to pay a parent who is staying in a hospital because of the child