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Watch this video and better understand your baby!

With a super video, a balloon and a ping-pong ball, let's show you how the lunar is doing in the matchmaking, and how it helps the baby to come to life.

Liz Chalmers, the owner of two American nurseries originally wanted to make a Hungarian video just for cousin, but it was so informative and useful that millions more were shared on the community site. Chalmers, with a balloon and a ping-pong ball, shows you, in a very simple way, how a mother's womb works during birth, exactly what it means and how it helps a baby to come to life.Let's show you the cool work in a super video Chalmers, in his own admission, has suffered a series of feelings since the video went public. "For one thing, I am very sad because many people said how good it was to see this before they were born, because they would have better understood what was going on in our bodies. But I am also afraid that many people find it useful, and of course funny. I have done how impractical my worms are when it comes to delivering babies - I am neither a dila nor a babysitter, "she told "It also touches me that a video like this, and a conversation that's started, shows that the world can be small and friendly, and that's exactly what we need." Chalmers also said that they want their father who watch the video will feel much stronger and braver when they end up in the living room. (via)You may also be interested in:
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