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Double burden on the abbey

Keep us and be more with us! We could formulate the expectation that presses the Hungarian Fathers' choice.

Great burden on the abbey

The Hungarian Communiqué sets out two sets of expectations for men: it considers both the traditional bread-making role and the need to participate in child-rearing to be necessary, according to a study Ministry of National Resources Supported and Recently Released Roles 2011 is available in one of my study books.Conflicting expectations… cinmы analysis Zsolt Spider he asked whether the Hungarian society today is looking for an income earner or an active participant in family life, rather than a man, and what we think about the importance of a child to men. He also examined which paternal behavior was favored by the public opinion: hagyomбnyos (focus on disciplining, earning money) or modern (showing love, taking an active part in childcare).

Work first

According to the results, the role of men in our day is always synonymous with work, work-related success. There is nothing more to exemplify attachment to old age affinities than the fact that 72 percent of those surveyed consider it the most important task in a man's life to materially ensure his family's survival. At the same time, almost the same number (65 percent) expects them to spend more time on earning extra income. the ideal dad / man should be successful in his job, but nothing should be more important with the time spent with his family. Anyway, men are backing this double expectation! There is a much smaller proportion of those who believe that there is a need for both modern and traditional needs in child-rearing.

Need a kid?

If you ask us how much of a man's life is essential to a child, the majority of men in Hungary should consider it as a must. being a father and raising a child is one of the most beautiful things in a man's life. Almost half of the respondents still consider it to be least important for the father to be actively involved in daily tasks (feeding, diapering, moving). It is important to note that the daily allowance is considered immaterial by men, not by women, which only reinforces the traditional notion that modern behaviors such as demonstration of paternal love, that equal participation at home.Baby Room: According to research, in the majority of families, women themselves do not support men in taking on a greater part of their housework than the child. Many people are afraid that a man cannot do these things as well as they themselves, and others cannot even imagine that a man would like to do this, just being homeless, because the house and the house are not the same. think that their job is to burden the household, the male, by asking for help from him. Few people dare to say that running a household and caring for children is a valuable work that takes place 24 hours a day, so it is a legitimate expectation that a man should get involved.They may also be interested in:
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