Pregnancy: Depression and diabetes are linked

We talk about pregnancy diabetes when insulin production is not essential for the pregnant mother's body.

Pregnancy and depression

According to a recent study, women who become depressed in early pregnancy are more likely to face this problem. The hormones that are produced during pregnancy are However, if you feel you are afraid of the tasks ahead of you, it is worthwhile to seek the help of a professional for your health as well as your baby. The correlation also works the other way around: those who had high blood sugar levels during pregnancy were more likely to have postpartum depression. " depression and gestational diabetes go hand in handso it would be especially important for doctors to look out for signs of depression right from the start, "says lead researchers Stefanie Hinkle, a fellow at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. The research looked at the health data of 2800 women during and after the pregnancy. extra risk factorif you are diabetic. Diabetes in pregnancy also jeopardizes the development of the fetus. The fetus may not receive adequate nutrition in the womb. The most common problem, however, is that babies are born with great weight. Pregnant women with diabetes have a high prevalence rate of 3-5%. Usually, the illness disappears after childbirth, but it is a good chance that small children struggle to survive they may also have diabetes.