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Will you have a girl? These signs may indicate it!

Of course, ultrasound examination is probably the best method to determine the sex of the baby to be born, but it is still not 100% reliable. But what does science say? Are there any other signs that refer to a baby?

It is certainly only possible to determine the sex of the fetus by a blood test, possibly an amniocentesis or a chorionic examination, but Generally, during the ultrasound, around the twentieth week of pregnancy, the genitalia is already well enough. However, everyone knows at least a superstitious belief that can "tell" whether or not a pregnant mother is pregnant with a baby boy. But they have no scientific basis - or what?How do you know the baby's gender?

Blland is sick

Let's just say, if your mother often feels sick and has a severe weight loss in the morning, she will become a girl. Although there is an "explanation" for this, a 2017 study found that the baby and the baby have other effects on the maternal immune system, in maternal mothers, several biomarkers of inflammation may be discovered, which may be associated with increased nausea.

Extreme mood swings

During pregnancy, hormonal changes can be considered normal due to hormonal changes and there are those who believe that the mother's estrogen levels are still higher in girl fetuses, that is, the emotional swings can be even bigger. However, no scientific evidence has yet been found.

Hugs to the derrick

For centuries, he has kept to the sharp tummy - spherical tummy, that is, the birth baby refers to the gender of where the mother is coming from. However, this has not been proven by professionals, how and how much a mother carries, what the shape of the tummy will be, body shape and lifestyle depends on the gender of the baby to be born.


Even if not stress during pregnancy, but conceiving can certainly influence the gender of your baby. The results of a 2012 study revealed that stress-related higher levels of cortisol are accompanied by an increase in the number of female fetuses. Another study found that natural disasters, such as the rate of births in the aftermath of an earthquake, fell.

Fetal heart rate

Also, the notion that the baby's heart beats a little slower than the baby's heart, so this can also help you figure out what gender your child will have. However, this has been blamed for: there is no correlation between fetal heart rate and gender. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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