What is the Mother of the Bull? (IV. 21- V. 21.)

What is the Mother of the Bull? (IV. 21- V. 21.)

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Consciously expecting a child, preferably only when you are confident of providing the right financial background.

What kind of mother is Taurus?

She does not want to leave the good way for the indigent - rather, in terms of her upbringing principles, she goes on the well-established, traditional jersey. Creates a regular, predictable life style for your family, paying much attention to your loved ones should never suffer Nothing.So calm if you can "find them in close proximity" or if you are clear about where they are going and what they are doing.You can demonstrate: it can caress, comfort and provide emotionally stable support. I was a loving person in general endlessly patient, prudent mother. Consistency is not difficult, and she expects her child to follow her wishes and perform her duties. Practical it encourages behavior, rationality, perseverance, thoroughness. It teaches you the value of harmony, of abundance, of comfort, of life, of knowing the wonders of nature.
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